Meet America’s Most Famous Plastic Surgeons

Google anything to do with the fame or popularity of plastic surgeons and you’ll get back a healthy dose of professional pride topped by websites where Dr. Jones assures you that Dr. Jones is indeed the mostest famous-est.

Hmmm. It seems to me it ought not to be that way.

That no independent or objective assessment has ever been done on who America’s most famous or popular plastic surgeons actually are.

Does it matter? Well, I don’t know. You’re here. So I’d think it kinda does. Okay, maybe just a little.

Webster’s New World College Dictionary says “fame is applied to persons or things that have received wide public attention and are generally known and talked about,” and defines the word as “much talked about; having fame, or celebrity; renowned.”

Quantifying fame is a fickle art but search engines and social media profiles provide hard numbers:

  • Video views
  • Followers
  • Subscribers
  • Search query volumes


  1. The World’s Most Famous Plastic Surgeon?
  2. America’s Most Famous Instagram Plastic Surgeons
  3. America’s Most Famous YouTube Plastic Surgeons: Views
  4. America’s Most Famous YouTube Plastic Surgeons: Subscribers
  5. The Most Googled Plastic Surgeons in America
  6. Most Popular Plastic Surgery YouTube Channels
  7. Should Your Plastic Surgeon Really Be on YouTube?

Who is the Most Famous Plastic Surgeon in the World?

1. Dr Sandra Lee

According to most metrics, Dr. Sandra Lee is the most famous plastic surgeon in the world. Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Sandra Lee, who is also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, is evidently the world’s most-watched plastic surgeon. With  6.9-million YouTube subscribers, 2.287-BILLION video views, and 4.8-million followers on Instagram (4X more than the next most widely followed plastic surgeon), Dr. Sandra Lee is the most widely watched plastic surgeon in the world.

2. Dr Paul Nassif

Yet by other metrics, Dr. Paul Nassif of E! Entertainment’s Botched is likely more of a household name in America. And he’s a plastic surgeon in the sense that most Americans considers the term—we go to plastic surgeons for male breast reduction surgery, female breast augmentation, nose jobs, and facelifts, while much of Dr. Sandra Lee’s fame comes from her role as a  dermatologist—as her alias, Dr. Pimple Popper, suggests.

Others at the top of the list, as “famous” so often implies, are charismatic Hollywoodesque personalities whose videos show up in answer to questions asked about plastic surgery on YouTube and Google, and there’s an attractive flair and captivating finesse in both their on- and off-camera work.

That said, we can look at figures from the world’s largest search engine (Google), the world’s second most visited website (YouTube), as well as that app that so well hosts those beautiful before and after pictures (Instagram), and which has well over a billion users globally.

Above: Wikipedia Pageviews Analysis, January 1 – December 31, 2020. “Pageview stats refers to how often a page is viewed by others,” says Wikipedia.

America’s Most Famous Plastic Surgeons: Instagram

#Plastic SurgeonFollowers
1Dr. Sandra Lee (Dr. Pimple Popper)4,800,000
2Dr. Cat Begovic1,200,000
3Dr. Paul Nassif1,100,000
4Dr. Terry Dubrow931,000
5Dr. William Rahal613,000
6Dr. Sheila Nazarian561,000
7Dr. Ashkan Ghavami489,000
8Jason Emer, MD435,000
9Dr. Eugene Kim418,000
10Dr. Ramtin Kassir391,000
12Dr. David Kim294,000
13Dr. Kay Durairaj286,000
14Dr. Andrew Jacono277,000
15Dr. Ben Talei220,000
16Anthony Youn, MD205,000
17Dr. Rod Rohrich193,000
18Dr. Aaron Rollins178,000
19Joseph Michaels, MD177,000
20Dr. Amir Karam161,000
21Sanjay Grover MD, FACS152,000
22Matthew Schulman MD150,000
23Chia Chi Kao, MD132,000
24Wilberto Cortes, M.D.124,000
25David Matlock, MD117,000
26Dr. Donald B. Yoo (Asian Rhino)111,400
27Jolie Plastic Surgery107,000
28Elite Plastic Surgery101,000
29Dr. Douglas Steinbrech98,800
30Dr. Daniel Barrett89,000
31Dr. Otto Placik85,000
32Dr. Remus Repta71,100
33Garth Fisher MD68,600
34Costance Barone56,100
35Payman Simoni55,200
36Dr. Steven Dayan53,600
37Dr. Babak Azizzadeh46,100
38Avana Plastic Surgery42,500
39Charles Galanis40,800
40Dr. Sibnbh Gallagher31,900
41Lexington Plastic Surgeons28,600
42Marina Plastic Surgery28,000
43Nicholas Jones, MD, FACS25,500
44Dr. Curves25,100
45Dr. Luis Macias25,000
47Dr. Thomas T. Jeneby16,900
48Body by Ravi13,200
49The Plastic Surgery Clinic11,200
50Dr. Frank Stile10,900
51Lebowitz Plastic Surgery9,561

America’s Most Famous Plastic Surgeons: YouTube Views

#Plastic SurgeonYouTube Views
1Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)2,287,213,147
2Dr. David Kim215,893,797
3Anthony Youn, MD84,125,945
4Dr. Robert Caridi30,653,087
5Dr. Curves19,837,326
6Jason Emer, MD19,130,371
7Avana Plastic Surgery18,382,969
8Dr Thomas McClellan16,735,504
9Lebowitz Plastic Surgery13,393,244
10Michael R. Zenn, M.D.13,193,301
11Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif (Botched)12,738,385
12Lexington Plastic Surgeons12,475,573
13Wilberto Cortes, M.D.12,323,804
14Robbins Plastic Surgery11,860,620
15Dr. Daniel Barrett (Barrett Plastic Surgery)11,124,601
16Dr. Paul Nassif11,057,238
17Jolie Plastic Surgery10,847,913
18Dr. Cat Begovic10,161,534
19Dr. Kenneth Hughes8,571,349
20West End Plastic Surgery7,392,771
21Dr. Ashkan Ghavami7,367,664
22Dr. Otto Placik6,112,670
23Miami Plastic Surgery5,329,003
24Chia Chi Kao, MD (Kao Plastic Surgery)5,041,236
25David Matlock, MD4,812,583
26Neal Handel MD, FACS4,628,593
27Payman Simoni4,008,211
28Dr. Donald B. Yoo3,449,994
29Dr. Steven Pearlman3,022,749
30Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, S.C.3,019,693
31Dr. Andrew Jacono2,782,311
32Dr. Remus Repta2,497,429
33Dr. [Frank] Stile2,354,312
34Steven Teitelbaum2,292,545
35Dr. David Amron2,225,920
36Babak Larian, MD, FACS2,015,174
37Matthew Schulman MD1,921,175
38Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics1,883,956
39Dr. Ben Talei1,862,169
40Erick Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery1,500,229
41Dr. Aaron Rollins (Elite Body Sculpture)1,464,209
42Gender Confirmation Center1,452,639
43Dr. Sheila Nazarian (Nazarian Plastic Surgery)1,431,691
44Dana M Goldberg MD1,342,999
45Pacific Center Plastic Surgery1,317,139
46Daniel I. Shapiro1,294,897
47Philip Miller, MD, FACS1,230,603
48Dr. William Rahal1,213,171
49Elite Plastic Surgery1,115,098
50Dr. Babak Azizzadeh1,016,186
51The Plastic Surgery Clinic1,011,491
52Dr. Amir Karam943,917
53Costance Barone931,124
54Garth Fisher MD930,226
55Dr Barry Eppley904,262
56Dr. Kay Durairaj, MD, FACS (Beauty By Dr. Kay)874,888
57Dr. Thomas T. Jeneby, MD865,260
58Dr. Franklin Rose, MD837,511
59Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery827,711
60Dr Carlos Mata (aka DrScottsdale)813,892
62Dr. Sibnbh Gallagher753,155

America’s Most Famous Plastic Surgeons: YouTube Subscribers

#Plastic SurgeonYouTube Subscribers
1Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)6,900,000
2Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif (Botched)2,200,000
3Anthony Youn, MD1,160,000
4Dr. David Kim472,000
5Michael R. Zenn, M.D.113,000
6Dr. Curves98,200
7Dr. Daniel Barrett (Barrett Plastic Surgery)80,200
8Jason Emer, MD67,800
9Dr. Kenneth Hughes62,300
10Dr Thomas McClellan59,800
11Avana Plastic Surgery56,900
12Dr. Cat Begovic55,100
13Dr. Robert Caridi55,000
14Lexington Plastic Surgeons38,100
15Lebowitz Plastic Surgery37,100
16Chia Chi Kao, MD (Kao Plastic Surgery)35,400
17Dr. Donald B. Yoo32,700
18West End Plastic Surgery31,400
19Dr. Ashkan Ghavami29,800
20Robbins Plastic Surgery28,700
21Jolie Plastic Surgery24,900
22Miami Plastic Surgery23,900
23Dr. Paul Nassif20,900
24Dr. Sheila Nazarian (Nazarian Plastic Surgery)13,700
25Matthew Schulman MD12,300
26Dr. Steven Pearlman11,600
27Dr. Remus Repta10,100
28Gender Confirmation Center9,870
29David Matlock, MD9,510
30Dr. Ben Talei8,930
31Dr. Otto Placik7,920
32Dr. [Frank] Stile7,800
33Dr. William Rahal7,140
34Dr. Kay Durairaj, MD, FACS (Beauty By Dr. Kay)6,700
35Dr. Sibnbh Gallagher6,260
36Babak Larian, MD, FACS6,060
37Dr. Andrew Jacono5,910
38Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, S.C.5,860
39Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery5,790
40Dr. Amir Karam5,420
41Wilberto Cortes, M.D.5,410
42Elite Plastic Surgery5,240
43Dr. Aaron Rollins (Elite Body Sculpture)5,160
44Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics5,060
45Dr Carlos Mata (aka DrScottsdale)4,530
46Dr. Thomas T. Jeneby, MD3,570
47Philip Miller, MD, FACS3,410
48Erick Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery3,070
49Daniel I. Shapiro3,060
50Steven Teitelbaum2,800

The Most Googled Plastic Surgeons in America

#Plastic Surgeon / Search QueryMonthly Google Searches*
1Paul Nassif49,000
2Terry Dubrow; Dr Sandra Lee40,500
3Garth Fisher; Jolie Plastic Surgery; Dr Curves8,100
4Dr Sheila Nazarian; Miami Plastic Surgery6,600
5Avana Plastic Surgery5,400
6Dr Cat Begovic; Lexington Plastic Surgeons, 2,900
7Anthony Youn MD; Elite Plastic Surgery2,400
8Dr. Andrew Jacono; Dr. David Kim; West End Plastic Surgery1,900
9The Plastic Surgery Clinic1,600
10Dr. Steven Pearlman; Jason Emer; Dr. Kenneth Hughes; Dr. Ben Talei1,300
11Westlake Plastic Surgery; Chia Chi Kao, MD (Kao Plastic Surgery); Dr. William Rahal; Dr. Eugene Kim880
12Dr. Otto Placik; Dr. Donald B. Yoo; Sanjay Grover MD, FACS720
13Dr. Amir Karam; Dr. Daniel Barrett; Dr. Ashkan Ghavami; Matthew Schulman MD; Marina Plastic Surgery590
14Robbins Plastic Surgery; Body by Ravi480
15Steven Teitelbaum; Dr. Remus Repta390
16Wilberto Cortes, MD; Dana M Goldberg MD; Dr Carlos Mata320
17Lebowitz Plastic Surgery; Michael R. Zenn, M.D.; David Matlock, MD; Dr Philip Miller; Dr Neil Gordon, Dr Julius Few260
18Payman Simoni; Dr. Aaron Rollins; Daniel I. Shapiro; Joseph Michaels MD210
19Dr. Babak Azizzadeh; Pacific Center Plastic Surgery; Dr. Ramtin Kassir; Dr Steven Dayan170
* Source: Ubersuggest keyword research tool, late January 2021. It should be understood that entering varying but related search terms will yield different results. For example: “Dr John Jones” produces one estimated search query volume, while entering “John Jones MD” or “Dr John Jones Realself” produces yet another estimate. In every case, we went with the query that returned the HIGHEST estimated search query volume on keywords that were obviously related to a respective surgeon. In most cases, this was simply the doctor’s name in lower case letters with no punctuation (“dr john jones”).

Above: “dr jason emer” yields an estimate of 720 monthly searches, while (below) “jason emer md” yields 880 monthly searches, and “jason emer” yields 1,300. Because user intent is clear in each instance—and because Google’s AI/Algorithm returns at the top level only results (pages, videos, news, images) that are related to the very doctor in question, in this case and in others we chose the highest of the “monthly searches” volume estimates.

The Most Popular Plastic Surgeons on YouTube (2020)

Since YouTube is the most often used, as well as the most graphic, engaging, and interactive platform for plastic surgeons, it’s worth a closer look.

2020 was a year of stay-at-home orders for much of the country, so while not all pre scheduled elective surgeries went off as planned, future potential patients and generally interested Americans spent plenty of time at home watching videos on plastic surgery.

Should Your Plastic Surgeon Really Be on YouTube? Probably.

In a Jan 2020 study in the international open-access Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, researchers concluded “YouTube is an underutilized social media platform by plastic surgeons.” That, “The entertainment industry is taking advantage of the social media platform to attract and gain millions of views,” and that “Educational videos are low in number and quality.”

These plastic surgeons are changing that.

“Plastic surgeons should be encouraged to develop high-quality videos to educate patients,” concluded yet another study published in February 2020.

Watch time and subscriber counts don’t equate to skill on the operating table, nor attest to the best surgical outcomes, but there’s no denying that it takes confidence, pride, and accountability to bare one’s work and results to the world.

You’d also likely feel more at ease in an in-person personal consultation—not to mention the operating table, if it gets that far—with someone you’d seen virtually for as many hours as you’d like.

Without accurate educational videos on YouTube, potential patients are misguided and misinformed.

In January 2020, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons actually urged board-certified surgeons to create and post videos to YouTube and other channels since “[ASPS] members rated social media as the single greatest impact on people’s desire to get or consider getting plastic surgery.” But since, “Anyone can post videos on YouTube, with no regulation or oversight,” people could be being misinformed. “This study is really about informing the public and encouraging plastic surgeons to play an active role in developing and sharing accurate and more complete videos on cosmetic procedures,” said the study’s senior author, Dr. Ash Patel, MBChB, of Albany Medical Center. (The study found that “less than ten percent of videos addressed the potential risks, indications, or side effects of cosmetic procedures.”)

Board-certified plastic surgeons have the most hands-on information and reality. Operating rooms are bloody, despite what that boob job might look like in the end. That’s an important reality to portray to patients. If your surgeon isn’t doing it, who will?

Your surgeon could also be on YouTube to teach others. According to a 2016 Research Letter, “Use of Streaming Media (YouTube) as an Educational Tool for Surgeons—A Survey of AAFPRS Members,” published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, “Of the [202 AAFPRS] respondents, 64.1% indicated they had used online media at least once to learn a new technique, especially in the areas of rhinoplasty and injectable procedures, with 83.1% subsequently applying these techniques to their practice…”

To quote a March 2016 STAT news article discussing this very research letter, “How to do a nose job: Plastic surgeons learn procedures on YouTube,” — “Dr. Larry Mellick, a professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics at Augusta University Health, said he encourages his medical students to ‘see’ a video on YouTube before he supervises them doing the procedure on their own. He sees YouTube videos as “a phenomenal tool.”

Never mind that it’s in a surgeon’s best interest, as YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and welcomes some 2,000,000,000 (that’s two billion) monthly users, who watch a billion hours of video on it daily. Daily.

The Most Popular Plastic Surgeons on YouTube

01. Dr. Sandra Lee (Dr. Pimple Popper) | Upland, CA

  • Subscribers: 6.9M
  • Views: 2,287,213,147
  • Joined: Oct 20, 2010
  • Website: 
  • About: I’m Sandra Lee, MD, aka Dr Pimple Popper, a board-certified dermatologist, skin cancer surgeon, and cosmetic surgeon, who is a regular guest dermatologist on various TV shows.  This channel was first a place for me to post my television segments with me discussing and treating common skin issues and cutting edge cosmetic surgery techniques.  In the last year, it has become so much more! Here I try to give you a “window into my world” as a dermatologist.  I discuss various diseases of the skin, hair, and nails, and you get advice and information on blackheads, acne, cysts, warts, Botox, fillers, liposuction… anything that I may do within the realm of dermatology.  Hopefully you will love the field as much as I do, and even fall in love with some of my fantastic patients that you “meet” along the way.

02. Dr David Kim | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 472K
  • Views: 215,893,797
  • Joined: Dec 18, 2007
  • Website: 
  • About: Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. David Kim brings videos showing real patients getting all forms of cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and fat transfer to the buttocks. Breast augmentation can be performed with many different techniques and types of implants. The videos will showcase many of these different breast augmentation techniques as well as many results of rhinoplasty, liposuction, Brazillian butt lift tummy tuck, mommy makeovers, etc. Dr. Kim is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is the only plastic surgery board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. He has been in practice for 15 years.

03. Anthony Youn, MD | America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon, Troy, MI

  • Subscribers: 1.16M
  • Views: 84,125,945
  • Joined: 24 March 2007
  • Website:
  • About: “Known as America’s Holistic Plastic Surgeon®, Anthony Youn, M.D. F.A.C.S is a nationally recognized, board-certified plastic surgeon. His goal is to help health-conscious men and women over 30 look and feel their best by teaching them a holistic approach to beauty. Recognized as a leader in his field, he is the author of the best-selling books “The Age Fix: A Leading Plastic Surgeon Reveals How To Really Look Ten Years Younger” and “In Stitches: A Memoir.” His new book, “Playing God: The Evolution of a Modern Surgeon,” details his humorous, heartwarming, and often harrowing journey to become a leading plastic surgeon. Dr. Youn also hosts the popular podcast The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show. To listen to the latest episodes, go to He is an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Oakland University / William Beaumont School of Medicine.”

04. Dr. Robert Caridi | Austin, TX

  • Subscribers: 55K
  • Views: 30,653,087
  • Joined: 28 October 2009
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Caridi is a 30-year senior cosmetic surgeon who specializes in gynecomastia, rhinoplasty (nose job), and breast lift with implants. He’s a leading expert on treatment for gynecomastia, a condition that affects 30% of men and leads to female-like breasts developing in men. For female patients, Dr. Caridi offers procedures including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift with implants, breast revision, breast reduction, liposuction, mommy makeovers, facelifts, and neck lifts. Patients come to Dr. Caridi for his experience, capabilities, and natural-looking results. Dr. Caridi is a Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS), and a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).”

05. Dr. Curves | Atlanta, GA

  • Subscribers: 98.2K
  • Views: 19,837,326
  • Joined: 3 June 2015
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Curves TV is the Vlog channel of plastic surgeon, Dr. Andrew Jimerson II aka Dr. Curves. Join every day to catch a glimpse of what goes on inside the office and the operating room.”

06. Jason Emer, MD | West Hollywood, CA

  • Subscribers: 67.8K
  • Views: 19,130,371
  • Joined: 8 May 2015
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Jason Emer is a board certified and fellowship-trained general, cosmetic and procedural dermatologist who specializes in liposculpture and body contouring, as well as cosmetic and laser dermatology.  He is one of a select few surgeons in United States (Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California) to perform 4D (four dimensional) body contouring in which he has patients flex their muscles, move the targeted areas in real time, and have the patient in various positions such as standing or bending during the procedure to precisely and meticulously define the areas. He uses this technique to “etch” six packs and create highly defined musculature such as the chest, buttock, breast and calves. Dr. Emer’s practice is dedicated to facial and body improvements using both surgical and non-surgical techniques.  Dr. Emer is a leading expert in cosmetic dermatology and runs numerous clinical trials and lectures all over the world on latest advancements.”

07. Avana Plastic Surgery | Miami, FL

  • Subscribers: 56.9K
  • Views: 18,382,969
  • Joined: 21 September 2018
  • Website:
  • About: Avana Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing the ultimate experience in cosmetic surgery Miami. We strive to make patients feel their best from the moment they first contact us. Our patients will feel special after benefiting from the results of cosmetic surgery done at our office and they will feel special because of the care and treatment our staff gives them before, during, and after their plastic surgery. Serving our patients, fulfilling their every need, and maintaining their comfort always come first. At Avana Plastic Surgery, we strive to exceed your expectations and make a difference in your life.

08. Dr Thomas McClellan | Morgantown, WV

  • Subscribers: 59.8K
  • Views: 16,735,504
  • Joined: 22 August 2011
  • Website: and
  • About: Hello and welcome to my YouTube channel. I’m Dr. Tom McClellan, a Board Certified Plastic, Hand and Reconstructive Surgeon. Plastic surgery is a broad field which encompasses the face, breast, hand, cosmetic as well as reconstructive surgery. The excellent video content on this channel is meant to educate medical professionals and potential patients, or those just interested in learning more about surgery. Thanks for watching and sharing the videos with friends. To support the channel and continue to see more educational videos please subscribe. Also make sure to follow us on Facebook or visit McClellan Plastic Surgery at for more information.

09. Lebowitz Plastic Surgery | Long Island, NY

  • Subscribers: 37.1K
  • Views: 13,393,244
  • Joined: 5 June 2014
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery in Huntington, Long Island NY is a Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon with over 25 years of extensive training and experience. Dr. Lebowitz listens and treats each of his patients as individuals, attending to their specific concerns, desires, and needs. His experience, continued interest, and improved knowledge of the latest advancements in medical technology, obtained through several post graduate courses in different fields, Dr. Lebowitz is able to provide his patients with the most up-to-date and best quality patient care available.”

10. Dr. Zenn | Raleigh, NC

  • Subscribers: 113K
  • Views: 13,193,301
  • Joined: 19 November 2013
  • Website: 
  • About: “As an internationally renowned plastic surgeon, Michael R. Zenn, M.D. has practiced for more than 20 years and produces high-quality educational videos of basic suture techniques. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. For a decade, Dr. Zenn served as Director of the Duke Plastic Surgery Residency Program, responsible for training and mentoring the Duke plastic surgery residents. He serves as a national board examiner for the American Board of Plastic Surgery. While his plastic surgery roots are in North Carolina, Dr. Zenn is regularly invited to lecture and teach plastic surgeons around the world. He has written plastic surgery textbooks, invented and patented surgical procedures, and is the author of hundreds of peer-reviewed published articles.”

11. Botched / E! Entertainment | Los Angeles, CA

  • Subscribers: 2.2M (E! Entertainment)
  • Views: 12,738,385 [7,255,375, Botched | Returns 2021; 5,483,010, Botched by Nature]
  • Views: 1,706,703,148 (E! Entertainment total)
  • Joined: Jun 3, 2006
  • Website:
  • About: “Botched” changes lives and restores hope through remarkable and transformational surgeries. Renowned plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif’s surgical skills and expertise will be put to the test as they set out to correct damage done from plastic surgeries gone awry as they attempt to fix the unfixable and correct extreme, head-turning plastic surgery nightmares.”

12. Lexington Plastic Surgeons | USA

  • Subscribers: 38.1K
  • Views: 12,475,573
  • Joined: Sep 24, 2015
  • Website:
  • About: “Changing lives for the better, one patient at a time.”- Dr. Michael E. Jones. We specialize in surgical and non-surgical aesthetic, reconstructive, and rejuvenating procedures for both women and men. Our highly trained professionals are skilled in the most advanced techniques available today and are devoted to helping people from all cultural backgrounds build their self-confidence. Whether you are familiar or unfamiliar with the services we provide, we’ll carefully explain all of your treatment options and develop an individualized plan for your unique skin type and features as well as your desired look.”

13. Wilberto Cortes, M.D. | Houston, TX

  • Subscribers: 54.1K
  • Views: 12,323,804
  • Joined: 1 December 2012
  • Website:
  • About: “Meet Dr. Wilberto G. Cortés, a board certified Plastic Surgeon in Houston. He is known for his vast knowledge of the most recent techniques in the art of plastic surgery because of his world-class training in different plastic surgery procedures like breast augmentation, breast reconstruction,  liposculpture, as well as buttock shaping with fat grafting. He always brings out the best for every patient by providing them with an hourglass body they deserve. Dr. Cortés is continuously sharing videos of his winning procedures such as hourglass tummy tuck, wonder breast augmentation, wonder breast implant, wonder breast lift, hourglass hips or fat transfer to the hips, hourglass butt augmentation with fat transfer, hourglass butt implant, BBL, hourglass lipo and more.”

14. Robbins Plastic Surgery | Nashville, TN

  • Subscribers: 28.7K
  • Views: 11,860,620
  • Joined: 10 August 2015
  • Website:
  • About: “Board Certified, Award- Winning “Best of Nashville” with Nashville Scene, Nashville Plastic Surgeon Dr. Chad Robbins is highly trained in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Robbins is located in Nashville, TN and is proudly serving Nashville, Clarksville, Franklin,  Brentwood, Green Hills, Mount Juliet, Hermitage, Hendersonville, Belle Meade, Bellevue, Murfreesboro, TN. Dr. Robbins performs cosmetic procedures such as Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Gynecomastia, Breast Lift, Chin Augmentation, Arm Lift, Thigh Lift, Mommy Makeovers, Brazillian Butt Lift and more.”

15. Barrett Plastic Surgery | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 80.2K
  • Views: 11,124,601
  • Joined: 8 September 2014
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Barrett is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, specializing in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. He is passionate about providing natural results with minimal downtime, utilizing a holistic approach. He has developed innovative scar management and closure techniques to reduce the appearance of scars for his patients. Dr. Barrett has performed thousands of surgeries in his career span which include Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty, Mommy Makeover, Breast Augmentation, Breast Revision, Breast Reduction, Liposuction, Blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, Facelifts, Gynecomastia or Male Chest Reduction, Fat Transfer, Breast Implants, Scar Revision, Co2 Laser and more.”

16. Dr. Paul Nassif | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 20.9K
  • Views: 11,057,238
  • Joined: 8 February 2008
  • Website: 
  • About: “Dr. Paul Nassif is a skilled plastic and reconstructive surgeon with a distinguished background, who has received the recognition of international media, his patients and peers for his surgical expertise. Dr. Nassif has gained a reputation as a revision and ethnic rhinoplasty specialist and he is sought after by patients from all over the world to correct challenging complications. He specializes in obtaining natural-looking results in both rhinoplasty and aging face surgery at Spalding Drive Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology in Beverly Hills, California. Visit for more information.”

17. Jolie Plastic Surgery | Miami, FL

  • Subscribers: 24.9K
  • Views: 10,847,913
  • Joined: Jun 9, 2017
  • Website:
  • About: Jolie Plastic Surgery would like to welcome you as you begin your cosmetic surgery within our facility! Our mission is to deliver state-of-the-art equipment and individualized patient care to all who walk into our Cosmetic Surgery Center. Although the meaning of the word “Jolie” is “beauty”, the Jolie Plastic Surgery team thinks it means so much more. Words like “empower”, “diversity”, and “blooming” come to mind when we think of how our patients begin the process uncomfortable with a certain body part; but, are physically and emotionally transformed once they complete surgery within our facility. Together with our highly-trained medical staff and patient-focused team, we strive to deliver only the best treatments and results! Visit us at:

18. Dr. Cat Begovic | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 55.1K
  • Views: 10,161,534
  • Joined: 25 July 2010
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Cat Begovic is a female plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills California.  Please enjoy her educational videos on plastic surgery as well as her appearances on various television shows. For more info and to schedule your consultation please visit

19. Dr. Kenneth Hughes | Los Angeles, CA

  • Subscribers: 62.3K
  • Views: 8,571,349
  • Joined: 23 February 2012
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Kenneth Hughes (Kenneth Hughes MD) is a Harvard-educated, Harvard-Trained, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles.  Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes performs liposuction, liposculpture, lipo 360, liposuction revision, silicone removal of butt, hips, lips, face as well as hydrogel, biopolymer, PMMA removal, dead fat/ fat death removal, butt reconstruction, butt Implants, Brazilian buttlift, BBL, mommy makeover, tummy tuck, tummy tuck revision, rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty revision, breast augmentation, breast augmentation revision, breast fat transfer, breast fat grafting, breast lift, breast reduction, gynecomastia, thighlift, armlift, bodylift, lower bodylift, upper bodylift, facelift, neck lift, browlift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, chin liposuction, chin implant, otoplasty, pec implants, calf liposuction and augmentation, Bodytite, Facetite (Skin Tightening without Scars), labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, Votiva, Restylane, Juvederm, Botox, Dysport, Sculptra, Fractora, and Lumecca.”

20. West End Plastic Surgery | Washington, D.C.

  • Subscribers: 31.4K
  • Views: 7,392,771
  • Joined: 4 May 2017
  • Website:
  • About: “As one of the premier cosmetic plastic surgery practices in Washington, D.C., West End Plastic Surgery is guided by the principle of always providing excellence in the delivery of compassionate, sensitive care to our patients and their families. As members of our community, we are dedicated to improving the quality of the lives both of our patients and our neighbors.”

21. Dr. Ashkan Ghavami | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 29.8K
  • Views: 7,367,664
  • Joined: 11 March 2010
  • Website:
  • About: “Ashkan Ghavami. Plastic Surgery Education. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.”

22. Dr. Otto Placik | Chicago, IL

23. Miami Plastic Surgery | Miami, FL

  • Subscribers: 23.9K
  • Views: 5,329,003
  • Joined: 27 March 2008
  • Website:
  • About: Official channel of Miami Plastic Surgery, MPS MEDSPA

24. Kao Plastic Surgery | Santa Monica, CA

  • Subscribers: 35.4K
  • Views: 5,041,236
  • Joined: 18 August 2015
  • Website:
  • About: “Chia Chi Kao, MD is a board-certified aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon with over 20 years of experience whom Vogue claims “is single-handedly revolutionizing the future of facelifts.” Dr. Kao has curated his own specialized techniques for each procedure, enabling him to cause minimal disruption, prevent damage, maintain, and improve the health and quality of the skin. He is also the founder of the KAO Institute in Santa Monica, CA and is the creator of the new and revolutionary Ponytail Lift™ and Ponytail Facelift™ procedures. Kao Plastic Surgery Channel is a video journal that highlights Dr. Kao’s numerous television appearances and celebrates selected individuals he has helped to improve their lives. Board Certification: The American Board of Plastic Surgery, The American Board of Surgery. Professional Societies: Member of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)”

25. David Matlock, MD | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 9.52K
  • Views: 4,812,583
  • Joined: Feb 6, 2010
  • Website: 
  • About: Dr. Matlock is known as the pioneer of Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Matlock has been contributed with popularizing LVR®, DLV®, VASER Hi Def Liposculpturing and Brazilian Butt Augmentation over the past six years as a cast member of E! Entertainments hit (national and international) show Dr. 90210. His highly refined, state of the art techniques yield the natural results that patients want. Dr. Matlock has put in over 10,000 hours performing Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation® and Designer Laser Vaginoplasty® on over 7,000 patients in 15 years. Dr. Matlock has also put in well over 25,000 liposculpturing hours over the past 23 years. In this time he has treated over 10,000 patients from all 50 states and over 70 countries. Dr. Matlock is well known to the entertainment industry and he has treated numerous stars on both the big and small screen as well as world renowned music artist. He has also treated foreign presidents, members of royal families and professional athletes.

26. Neal Handel | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 624
  • Views: 4,628,601
  • Joined: Dec 23, 2008
  • Website: 
  • About: For over 38 years, Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Handel and his dedicated staff have been providing cosmetic and reconstructive surgical services to patients from Santa Barbara, Montecito, Southern California, and throughout the United States and around the world. Read more

27. Payman Simoni | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 2.58K
  • Views: 4,008,211
  • Joined: Oct 1, 2007
  • Website: 
  • About: Simoni Plastic Surgery offers the most innovative approaches to cosmetic plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, CA. Double Board Certified Celebrity Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr Simoni is the Top Rhinoplasty specialist in Los Angeles. Dr Simoni is honored as one of Hollywood’s top five plastic surgeons. Dr. Simoni has been featured on many network such as CNN, Bravo The Doctors, The View, Entertainment Tonight, Good Morning America, and more. His outstanding work has positioned Dr Simoni as one of the most qualified facial plastic surgeons in Los Angeles.

28. Dr. Donald B. Yoo | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 31.9K
  • Views: 3,357,723
  • Joined: 30 September 2012
  • Website: 
  • About: “Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon – Donald B. Yoo, M.D., F. A. C. S., Board-certified and fellowship trained in Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Specializing in Rhinoplasty, Revision Rhinoplasty, Facelift, Eyelid Surgery & Asian cosmetic surgery including Asian Rhinoplasty and Asian Blepharoplasty”

29. Dr. Steven Pearlman | New York, NY

  • Subscribers: 11.6K
  • Views: 3,022,749
  • Joined: 14 July 2009
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Steven Pearlman is a distinguished Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, educator and humanitarian with a wide range of professional credentials. He is dual board certified in both Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and in Head and Neck Surgery. With extensive clinical and academic background in both fields, Dr. Pearlman provides his patients with a unique expertise and understanding in the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, nose and eyes.”

30. Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery | Chicago

  • Subscribers: 5.86K
  • Views: 3,019,693
  • Joined: Dec 21, 2013
  • Website:
  • About: We are one of the premier plastic surgery practices in Chicago and the only group serving both Northwestern Memorial Hospital and Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital. Whether you need cancer reconstruction, want to turn back the clock with facial plastic surgery, or are looking to enhance your body with body contouring or breast augmentation in Chicago, Northwestern Specialists in Plastic Surgery, S.C. (NSPS) can provide you with state of the art care. We believe in providing patients with the understanding they need to make informed and empowered decisions for themselves. With extensive experience performing both aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, our practice’s exceptional strength spans both a mastery of anatomy and surgical technique and attention to aesthetic detail. By focusing on the individual needs of our patients, our staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of personalized and compassionate care.

31. Dr. Andrew Jacono | New York

  • Subscribers: 5.91K
  • Views: 2,782,311
  • Joined: 9 September 2009
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Andrew Jacono is a New York Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes in facelifts, eyelid lifts, rhinoplasty, and revision plastic surgery amongst many other cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries of the face. He is widely regarded as one of the best facelift and rhinoplasty plastic surgeons in the world.  Harper’s Bazaar has chosen him as one of the best plastic surgeons in America.  Dr Jacono is a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, is a clinical professor of facial plastic surgery at two New York City Medical Schools, lectures all over the world, and publishes his research in leading plastic surgery journals.  He pioneered the use of minimally invasive, small incision endoscopic surgery in face lifting surgery. Doctor Jacono is committed to philanthropy, performing hundreds of pro-bono surgeries on underprivileged children with birth defects in third world countries and on women who have been disfigured by domestic violence.”

32. Dr. Remus Repta | Scottsdale, AZ

  • Subscribers: 10.1K
  • Views: 2,497,429
  • Joined: 11 September 2013
  • Website: 
  • About: “Dr. Repta is a board-certified cosmetic plastic surgeon and member of The American and International Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has been practicing in the greater Phoenix area for many years and is proud to call Scottsdale his home.”

33. Dr. Frank Stile | Las Vegas, NV

  • Subscribers: 7.8K
  • Views: 2,354,312
  • Joined: Sep 17, 2015
  • Website:
  • About: Dr. Frank Stile is a Certified Plastic Surgeon by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.  He is the published author of articles as well as book chapters in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Microsurgery literature. He has presented his research at national and international Plastic Surgery conferences. Dr. Frank Stile travels regularly, visiting with leaders in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery constantly refining his technique. He is well trained, motivated, and extremely personable. Presently, Dr. Frank Stile maintains an office in Las Vegas, Nevada. The office is luxuriously appointed. His practice provides the full spectrum of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in addition to Medi-Spa services. His staff is well informed and accommodating to all patient needs.

34. Steven Teitelbaum | Santa Monica, CA

  • Subscribers: 2.8K
  • Views: 2,292,545
  • Joined: 22 June 2009
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Steven Teitelbaum is an Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the UCLA School of Medicine and has been in private practice in Santa Monica since 1995. He specializes exclusively in aesthetic plastic surgery. ‘Aesthetics contains subjectivity, and even top plastic surgeons have differing views on what is best for a patient. I want patients to be sure that they are comfortable with me and understand what I believe would be their best achievable result.’ — Steven Teitelbaum, MD, Los Angeles”

35. Dr. David Amron | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 2.26K
  • Views: 2,225,920
  • Joined: 31 January 2009
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. David Amron is a board-certified dermatologic surgeon specializing in lipedema treatment, liposuction and body contouring. He is founder and medical director of the Roxbury Institute in Beverly Hills, CA and has an international reputation for excellence in successfully approaching complicated liposuction cases, including lipedema treatments and revision liposuction surgeries. For more than two decades, Amron has focused his research and practice on liposuction and body proportioning with an emphasis on the fat disorder, lipedema. Over this period of time, he’s gained invaluable insight into the genetic function and structural proportions of the human body, developing a refined and comprehensive approach to the art of lipo-sculpture.”

36. Babak Larian MD FACS | Beverly Hills, CA

About: Babak Larian, MD, FACS is a board certified otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon in Los Angeles who specializes in parathyroid surgery, parotid gland surgery, and thyroid surgery. As a specialist who puts an extreme emphasis on patient care, Dr. Larian works with a team of experts to bring individuals optimal results with minimally invasive surgeries. For more information about Dr. Larian, visit his websites listed below or call (310) 461-0311.

37. Matthew Schulman MD | New York, NY

  • Subscribers: 12.3K
  • Views: 1,921,175
  • Joined: 19 May 2008
  • Website:
  • About: “Board certified plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery for the face and body. Dr. Schulman practices in New York City Ana has been named a Castle Connolly Top Doctor, US News Top Doctor, America’s Top Doctor, and has made television appearances on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, The Doctors TV, and Dr. Steve.”

38. Body by Ravi | Houston, TX

  • Subscribers: 5.06K
  • Views: 1,883,956
  • Joined: Feb 26, 2013
  • Website:
  • About: Dr. Ravi Somayazula is a Board Certified plastic surgeon in Houston, Texas. The founder of Body by Ravi Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics, Dr. Ravi is committed to bringing a patient-centered approach to his cosmetic procedures, ensuring that every individual gets a personalized treatment plan designed to meet their unique needs and desires. Dr. Ravi specializes in proportionate, natural-looking enhancements for the breast and body, achieving subtle yet dramatic results that will both compliment the patient’s physique and match their busy lifestyle. Dr. Ravi and his associate, Dr. Swapna Gopathi, offer an extensive range of surgical procedures, as well as an innovative selection of noninvasive techniques and skincare products. With his gracious, easygoing bedside manner, Dr. Ravi has become one of the area’s most sought-after cosmetic surgeons.

39. Dr. Ben Talei | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 8.93K
  • Views: 1,862,169
  • Joined: May 25, 2014
  • Website:
  • About: Dr. Ben Talei works with a group of dedicated specialists trained to treat patients with vascular and congenital anomalies. There is a true scarcity of physicians able to adequately diagnose and treat these patients both in the United States as well as the rest of the world. Dr. Talei is one of a few surgeons in the country to have pursued two fellowships following the completion of his training at Columbia University and Cornell University, as well as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. This was done in order to provide the most specialized and focused care possible for his patients. Surgical interventions, non-invasive medical and laser treatments are used to achieve the most significant outcomes possible. See Dr. Talei’s hair restoration work at 

40. Erick Sanchez, MD Plastic Surgery | Baton Rouge, LA

  • Subscribers: 3.07K
  • Views: 1,500,229
  • Joined: Nov 12, 2016
  • Website:
  • About: Your experience with Sanchez Plastic Surgery is important to us. Dr. Erick Sanchez completed a prestigious fellowship with additional training to be qualified to perform both reconstructive and plastic surgery of the face, body, breast, and skin, along with non-surgical procedures. Sanchez Plastic Surgery is all about delivering the very best to our patients. We invite you to stop by our facility to meet our warm and friendly team and learn more about us and the quality results we can achieve for you.

41. Dr. Aaron Rollins (Elite Body Sculpture) | USA

  • Subscribers: 5.16K
  • Views: 1,464,209
  • Joined: Feb 14, 2012
  • Website:
  • About: Dr. Aaron Rollins is an expert in laser liposuction and body contouring in Beverly Hills, California. Elite Body Sculpture has eleven locations across the United States: Beverly Hills, Sacramento, New York City, Dallas, Houston, DC, Denver, Seattle, Nashville and Atlanta. Our commitment is to provide the absolute best and most advanced technology out there for lipo procedures. Learn more about the procedures offered at Elite Body Sculpture:

42. Gender Confirmation Center | San Francisco, CA

43. Nazarian Plastic Surgery | Los Angeles, CA

  • Subscribers: 13.7K
  • Views: 1,431,691
  • Joined: 11 April 2012
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and board certified plastic surgeon, specializing in natural results using both non-invasive and surgical modalities.”

44. Dana M Goldberg MD | Jupiter, FL

  • Subscribers: 2.75K
  • Views: 1,342,999
  • Joined: Mar 17, 2010
  • Website:
  • About: Dana M. Goldberg M.D. has built one of Florida’s fastest growing cosmetic surgery practices located right in the heart of Abacoa, in Jupiter Florida. The core of our practice is providing the ultimate experience in plastic surgery. Dr. Goldberg’s impressive surgical results, and her ability to connect with patients is rivaled by few in her field. She is Board Certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and was ranked in the 95th percentile of all ASPS Board Certified plastic surgeons. Dr Goldberg was a lecturer at the 2013 Annual Society Of Plastic Surgeon’s meeting, and is well being recognized among the plastic surgery community for the brand that has become Dana M. Goldberg M.D. Simply put, our practice strives to provide the ultimate experience in plastic surgery. We work hard to be the best at what we do, and for us that’s more than having excellent surgical results.

45. Pacific Center Plastic Surgery | Newport Beach, CA

  • Subscribers: 2.54K
  • Views: 1,317,139
  • Joined: Oct 20, 2009
  • Website:
  • About: Orange County’s World Class Plastic Surgeons, Jed H. Horowitz, M.D., F.A.C.S, and Larry S. Nichter, M.D., F.A.C.S. have helped patients achieve their dreams for over 20 years. Both surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and have been voted as two of America’s Top Doctors, Real  Self 100, Real Self Top Doctors, and have received numerous other awards for their excellence in patient care and surgical expertise. Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Nichter own and operate the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, California.

46. Daniel I. Shapiro | Scottsdale, AZ

  • Subscribers: 3.06K
  • Views: 1,294,897
  • Joined: 19 February 2010
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Daniel Shapiro is a renowned Scottsdale cosmetic Surgeon who is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and has been practicing cosmetic surgery in the Scottsdale and Paradise Valley Arizona area for over 19 years. As one of the busiest cosmetic surgeons in the Phoenix metropolitan area, he brings a wealth of experience to his practice, having personally meticulously performed thousands of aesthetic surgical procedures. His aesthetic vision and surgical expertise has made him one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeons, constantly improving and evolving techniques introduced to him during his plastic surgical residency at the prestigious New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center in New York City where he finished his formal training in 1992, after being mentored by some of the most famous and gifted cosmetic plastic surgeons in the world.”

47. Philip Miller, MD, FACS | New York, NY

  • Subscribers: 3.41K
  • Views: 1,230,603
  • Joined: Nov 24, 2010
  • Website: 
  • About: Dr. Philip Miller is recognized as an expert in natural looking Facial Plastic/Cosmetic surgery in Manhattan, NY. With over 20 years of experience he specializes in Facelift, Nose Jobs, Eyelid, Brow Lifts, Anti-Aging, Botox & Fillers. He has been voted among the Best Doctors in America consistently since 2007 & Top Doctor of NY. He has appeared on NBC’s The Today Show, Discovery Channel & featured in Elle, Marie Claire, Hamptons, Gotham magazines, The New York Times & The Wall Street Journal.

48. Dr. William Rahal | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 7.14K
  • Views: 1,213,171
  • Joined: 20 April 2012
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. William Rahal is a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who specializes in Brazilian Butt Lift procedures, also known as BBL surgery with 360 Lipo. He believes that 360 Lipo should always be done with BBL as it gives a more complete natural result. Some have considered him to be the best BBL surgeon, both in Beverly Hills and beyond. His reply is that there are many good surgeons and patients should choose who they are most comfortable with but he is very grateful to be considered as such. Dr. Rahal is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.”

49. Elite Plastic Surgery | Miami, FL

  • Subscribers: 5.24K
  • Views: 1,115,098
  • Joined: 15 April 2016
  • Website: 
  • About: “Elite Plastic Surgery is a top plastic surgery practice led by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Moises Salama. Dr. Salama is world renowned for his body contouring procedures including the tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, mommy makeover, j-plasma skin tightening and the Brazilian butt lift (BBL), which he has performed more than 5000 to date with incredible results.”

50. Babak Azizzadeh | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 1.91K
  • Views: 1,016,186
  • Joined: Apr 8, 2011
  • Website: 
  • About: Dr. Babak Azizzadeh is a Harvard-trained Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes exclusively in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, eyes and nose. Dr. Azizzadeh and his team at the Center know that the decision to have cosmetic or reconstructive surgery is a serious one, and will be with you through every step of this exciting and life-improving process. We want you to be assured that a natural looking result is our top priority. Dr. Azizzadeh’s expertise in facial plastic surgery has made him one of the most sought-after surgeons in the United States. He has been featured in numerous media outlets including Discovery Health, New York Times, and The Oprah Winfrey Show. Additionally, Dr. Azizzadeh is an internationally recognized author of Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets as well as the lead editor of 5 medical textbooks.

51. The Plastic Surgery Clinic | Toronto, Canada

  • Subscribers: 2.3K
  • Views: 1,014,353
  • Joined: Mar 9, 2009
  • Website:
  • About: The Plastic Surgery Clinic is one of the most highly respected and modern cosmetic surgical clinics in North America. Home to Dr. Frank Lista, Dr. Jamil Ahmad & Dr. Ryan Austin, our surgeons and staff are dedicated to providing top quality services and results. We believe in working towards an appearance that is natural to suit your individual body type.

52. Dr. Amir Karam | San Diego, CA

  • Subscribers: 5.42K
  • Views: 943,917
  • Joined: 2 September 2009
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Karam is a skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in San Diego California with a distinguished academic and surgical record. As well known for his honesty, compassion and warm demeanor as his naturally enhancing results, Dr. Karam is respected by his peers for his professional integrity, innovative contributions, artistry and excellent technique. Known as the “doctor’s doctor,” Dr. Karam is often paid the ultimate compliment; he is asked to perform surgery on his fellow physicians and their families. As one of the very few surgeons in the country devoted to a narrow field of plastic surgery, Dr. Karam has dedicated his life to three plastic surgery specialties: 1. Innovative surgical and non-surgical techniques that rejuvenate the eyes, face and neck, 2. Rhinoplasty – cosmetic or functional surgery of the nose, 3. Revision rhinoplasty repairs to prior surgery of the nose. Dr. Amir Karam 11943 El Camino Real, Suite 100, San Diego, California 92130 | 858.259.3223”

53. Costance Barone | San Antonio, TX

  • Subscribers: 286
  • Views: 931,124
  • Joined: Mar 8, 2008
  • Website:
  • About: Dr. Constance Barone is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. In addition to holding memberships in some of the most prestigious medical associations in the world, Dr. Barone has been voted one of the Best Doctors in America and has been listed as one of the nation’s top physicians in numerous publications. Dr. Barone has been featured on national television shows and prominent magazines such as Discovery Health, Good Morning America, and San Antonio Living, and Antonio Magazine, SA Magazine as well as Seventeen Magazine. She has focused her career on helping people achieve their aesthetic goals.

54. Garth Fisher | Beverly Hills, CA

  • Subscribers: 1.36K
  • Views: 930,226
  • Joined: 28 May 2009
  • Website:
  • About: “Dr. Garth Fisher is a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. Dr. Fisher was the original Extreme Makeover surgeon and is considered to be the plastic surgeon to the stars.  Dr. Fisher started the Biomed Spa Beverly Hills which offers med spa services and treatments including Zeltiq Coolsculpting, a non-invasive body sculpting treatment, laser skin therapies and more.  Visit Dr. Fisher at”

55. Dr Barry Eppley | Carmel, IN

  • Subscribers: 1.69K
  • Views: 904,262
  • Joined: 29 January 2008
  • Website:
  • About: “Educational videos of Dr. Barry Eppley, board-certified plastic surgeon of Indianapolis, on a variety of plastic surgery procedures and topics of interest to the general public. The opinions and comments expressed in these videos represent Dr. Eppley’s experience and philosophies about the plastic surgery topics presented.”

56. Beauty By Dr. Kay | Pasadena, CA

  • Subscribers: 6.7K
  • Views: 874,888
  • Joined: Dec 28, 2017
  • Website:
  • About: Dr. Kay Durairaj, MD, FACS is a facial plastic surgeon prating in Pasadena, CA. As both an artist and a surgeon, she is skilled in the newest techniques in facial surgery. With her experience and knowledge, she enjoys helping patients look and feel their best. Her special focus is in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and she is an expert in laser surgery of the face and facial rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Durairaj is skilled in medical aesthetic treatments of the face, including Restylane, Radiesse, Botox, and Sculptra treatments. The surgeon enthusiastically hosts a high profile on social media outlets such as Instagram and Snapchat. Widely known for her Instagram account, @beautybydrkay, with an outreach of over 110 thousand followers, she interweaves her contemporary lifestyle with her admirable work in her Los Angeles private practice!

57. Dr. Thomas T. Jeneby, MD | San Antonio, TX

  • Subscribers: 3.57K
  • Views: 865,260
  • Joined: 13 April 2016
  • Website:
  • About: “Plastic Surgeon Thomas T Jeneby in San Antonio Performs Surgeries in His Joint Commission Accredited Surgi-Center. I perform over 600 procedures per year including approximately 200 Mommy Makeovers per year which include Tummy Tucks or Lipo along with an Adjustable Breast implant +/- a lift. I also strive for positively excellent Customer Service  with many 5* reviews and Best of San Antonio for 9 years running!  I also have In House Financing with no credit check ! We use regular financing through Credit Novo! Treat yourself to a “Top Plastic Surgeon ” (by magazine description)in San Antonio and come get you Laser Lipo, Smart Lipo , Tummy Tuck , Adjustable Breast Augmentation, Breast Reduction / Lift, Massive Weight Loss Surgery, Rhinoplasty , and Mini Rhinoplasty, Facelift and the rest! Catch me on the Billy Madison Show!”

58. Dr. Franklin Rose, MD | Houston, TX

  • Subscribers: 1.14K
  • Views: 837,511
  • Joined: Jan 24, 2011
  • Website: 
  • About: Board certified Houston plastic surgeon, Dr. Franklin Rose MD is often asked to review plastic surgery techniques and trends & has been featured on numerous television shows and Magazines such as Anderson, Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, ABC Primetime with Lisa Ling, Inside Edition, E! Entertainment News,  Access Hollywood, MTV’s I Want a Famous Face, CNN, HLN Headline News, US Weekly, Life & Style, the National Enquirer, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and countless others; Dr. Rose offers the latest in surgical and non-invasive technology at his beautiful Uptown Park location. Dr. Rose is a nationally renowned surgeon overseeing his plastic surgery practice and medical spa to ensure the highest quality of care to his patients. We are pleased to offer a wide range of cosmetic solutions for both women and men, including facial surgery such as nose and eye-lid surgery, breast augmentation, breast lifts, liposuction, facelifts, & much more. Review Dr. Franklin Rose’s before & afters!

59. Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery | Reston, VA

  • Subscribers: 5.79K
  • Views: 827,711
  • Joined: 15 October 2008
  • Website:
  • About: Austin-Weston is the region’s premier cosmetic surgery practice offering a full range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. The four board-certified plastic surgeons have over 75 years of combined experience, voted “top doctors” and “best cosmetic surgery practice” in Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Subscribe to our channel for the latest patient testimonials and educational videos.”

60. DrScottsdale | Scottsdale, AZ

  • Subscribers: 4.53K
  • Views: 813,892
  • Joined: 25 July 2017
  • Website: 
  • About: “Follow Dr. Carlos Mata, aka Dr.Scottsdale, as he helps others achieve their own kind of beautiful. This channel will take you into the surgery room for a deeper look at plastic surgery.  From Botox to Fillers, to Brazilian Butt Lifts and Breast Augmentation. Curious about ways to better your sexual health? Stay tuned as we offer a wide variety of procedures!”

61. MarinaPlasticSurgery | Marina Del Rey, CA

  • Subscribers: 460
  • Views: 789,812
  • Joined: 3 March 2008
  • Website:
  • About: “Marina Plastic Surgery Associates serves Los Angeles and Beverly Hills plastic surgery patients interested in breast augmentation, tummy tuck, liposuction, and a variety of other cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Grant Stevens and Dr. Michelle Spring, board-certified Los Angeles plastic surgeons at the practice, help men and women look their best through high-quality surgical results.”

62. Dr. Sibnbh Gallagher | Miami, FL

  • Subscribers: 6.26K
  • Views: 753,155
  • Joined: Nov 23, 2013
  • Website:
  • About: Dr. Sidhbh (pronounced Sive) Gallagher is double board certified in both general and plastic surgery. With her background in academics Dr. Gallagher always seeks to combine her aptitude for art with the latest cutting edge techniques to bring outstanding natural results to her patients. Originally from Ireland, Dr. Gallagher earned her medical degree from University College in Dublin, where she graduated in the top 3 percent of her class. Seeking world class training Dr Gallagher came to the United states where she completed 8 more years of intensive surgical training. As an innovative plastic surgeon, Dr. Gallagher discusses her techniques in particular her special area of expertise: gender confirmation surgery.

YouTube list criteria: 750,000-plus video views as of 17 January 2021. In an update on 1 February 2021, popular plastic surgeons were added to this list and video view and subscriber counts for those then added are as of that date.


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