BBL vs Non-Surgical BBL

In a safer approach to a perkier peach, FDA approved fillers can spur your booty into production of collagen.


If the thought of a perkier peach or a more perfect derriere has left you looking into the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), you’ll be happy to know there is a safer non-surgical alternative.

After all, BBLs, if not done properly, can be rather dangerous.

Butt, their results are also extremely popular, and so a girl’s gotta have her options.

Here they are:

BBL vs Non-Surgical BBL

Cost:$3,000 – $6,000$4,000 – $12,000
Time Required:Under 1 hour2-4 hours
Sessions Required:2-3 (4-6 weeks apart)1
Utilizes:Filler (Sculptra)Fat (Your own)
Risks:Mild discomfort1 in 3,000 chance of death
Final Results In:4-6 months4-6 months
Recovery:No downtime4-6 weeks
Lasts:2-3 yearsSeveral years to a decade
Satisfaction Rate:67%85%

* Warning: You should be extremely cautious about who you select to perform either a surgical or nonsurgical BBL on you. Fat injections [as well as direct silicone injections—which should never be done by anyone] into the buttocks can cause instant death if done incorrectly.


  • A nonsurgical BBL that uses Sculptra could cost anywhere from three to six thousand dollars. As many as 40 or 60 vials of the product could be required, depending on your goals for the procedure.
  • A surgical BBL could cost two to three times that much, ranging anywhere from four to twelve thousand dollars.

Extremely low costs (like a two or four-thousand-dollar surgical BBL) may be indicative of a “chop shop” type practice that fails to meet or uphold basic safety standards: avoid at all costs.


  • A surgical BBL involves the removal of excess healthy fat from one area of the body (typically the abdomen, flanks, or thighs) and injecting it into the buttocks to add volume and projection.

Liposuction is done to harvest the fat and a blunt surgical cannula is used to inject that fat into the buttocks.

Harvesting and injecting may be done in the same session or (less commonly) over two surgical sessions.

  • A nonsurgical BBL involves injecting a filler—typically Sculptra—into the buttocks to stimulate the body to produce collagen over time, which thus improves the size, shape, and projection of the buttocks.

A nonsurgical BBL requires no incisions, creates no scars, and is followed by no recovery downtime.

You would have the procedure done while you are wide awake, with only topical anesthesia applied to the buttocks. You will feel little if any pain, but some discomfort is likely the day after the procedure. The buttocks are home to plenty of fatty tissue and fewer nerve endings so needle (cannula) pokes here aren’t all too uncomfortable.

No recovery downtime; resume all normal activities immediately, including exercise.

Nonsurgical BBL using Sculptra fillers

The procedure would start with you standing upright, and your surgeon making markings on your buttocks of what areas are to be augmented in order to create the desired shape.

A topical numbing cream is applied and usually then let sit for some time, up to 45 minutes.

Unlike a surgical BBL, which injects your own fatty tissue, the non-surgical BBL is done using FDA-approved fillers (such as Sculptra or Radiesse) that spur your body (booty) into the production of collagen, which produces a naturally lifted and more voluminous derriere.


A BBL can produce more dramatic and pronounced results than its nonsurgical counterpart.

But the results possible with a nonsurgical BBL are still quite satisfactory to most patients.

In both cases—surgical or nonsurgical—the final results of the procedure are usually evident within 4-6 months.


  • A nonsurgical BBL typically requires no recovery downtime at all. Patients can often immediately resume all of their routine activities, including exercise, and sitting down.
  • Patients who undergo a surgical (or standard) BBL will have a long road of recovery in front of them, and will be unable to sit down normally for some time. 

Satisfaction Rate

  • Surgical BBLs have a patient satisfaction rate of 85% (according to 2,419 recent reviews on That means there is approximately an 8.5 out of 10 chance you will be pleased with your results. Your selection of surgeon is perhaps your most important choice.
  • Non-Surgical BBLS have a patient satisfaction rate of 67% (according to just 38 reviews on Unfortunately this is likely not entirely accurate since multiple types of “nonsurgical butt augmentation” are listed under the same procedure entry on RealSelf.

Pros and Cons

  • Can remove or greatly reduce hip dips.
  • Enhances volume and projection of buttocks.
  • Safer than a surgical BBL; filler is placed superficially.
  • Works with body’s own healing properties, and promotes collagen.
  • Less augmented look, not quite as dramatic as a surgical approach.
  • Improves firmness of buttocks and may reduce appearance of cellulite.
  • Some soreness experience the day after injections—though you may sit normally.
  • No recovery downtime; resume all normal activities immediately, including exercise.
  • Ideal for persons who don’t want incisions or are fearfull of adverse surgical outcome.

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