America’s Best Female Plastic Surgeons

NEWSWEEK: 5,000+ votes by peers nationally say these 50 women are among America’s best plastic surgeons.


For an industry that provides 92 percent of its services to female patients, women have long been significantly underrepresented on the provider side of the elective equation.

Just one in five plastic surgeons is a woman.

That “gender gap is narrowing,” yet women remain “underrepresented in most surgical specialties including plastic surgery,” says the latest study on the matter out of Johns Hopkins University.

These women are changing that.

National NEWSWEEK® Survey of Peers

On June 16, 2021, Newsweek announced the results of a national survey it conducted with global consumer research firm Statista Inc to determine America’s best plastic surgeons.

Collecting more than 5,000 votes from plastic surgeon peers and other medical experts, they compiled four lists: The 200 best plastic surgeons for breast augmentation and the 150 best plastic surgeons for facelift, liposuction, and rhinoplasty.

The 650 positions across all four final lists are filled by 387 individual plastic surgeons, many of whom appear on two, three, or even all four lists.

While some of the most prominent female plastic surgeons in America are conspicuously absent, 83 positions across all four lists are filled by the best 50 female plastic surgeons in America.

These 50 female plastic surgeons are in the top five percent of more than 8,000 U.S. board-certified plastic surgeons according to the survey methodology used.

Top Positions Held by Female Plastic Surgeons

  • Breast Augmentation: Dr. Grace Ma in Atlanta, Georgia was voted the 7th best breast augmentation surgeon in America.
  • Facelift: Dr. Jennifer L. Walden in Austin, Texas was voted the 17th best facelift surgeon in America.
  • Rhinoplasty: Dr. Theda C. Kontis in Baltimore, Maryland was voted the 20th best rhinoplasty surgeon in America.
  • Liposuction: Dr. Emily Clarke-Pearson in Baltimore, Maryland was voted the 10th best liposuction surgeon in America.


Following are the best female plastic surgeons in America who appear on Newsweek’s “America’s Best Plastic Surgeons 2021“. They are listed by state below, starting with the states with the highest concentration of the best female plastic surgeons.

The numbers 1 through 50 serve only to organize this list and do not indicate a surgeon’s position on the Newsweek rankings. Please refer to Newsweek’s official release for more on the rankings of individual plastic surgeons.


Texas is one of two states that seven of America’s best female plastic surgeons call home. Texas is also home to the only female plastic surgeon voted as among the best in each of four categories. Dr. Jennifer Walden appears on Newsweek’s best-of 2021 lists for rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelifts, and liposuction.

1. Dr. Jennifer L. Walden

  • #115 in Rhinoplasty
  • #41 in Liposuction
  • #28 in Breast Augmentation
  • #17 in Facelift

2. Dr. Linda G. Phillips

  • #184 in Breast Augmentation

3. Dr. Azita Madjidi

  • #138 in Liposuction

4. Dr. Camille Cash

  • #52 in Breast Augmentation

5. Dr. Erika Sato

  • #93 in Liposuction

6. Dr. Kendall R. Roehl

  • #176 in Breast Augmentation

7. Dr. Sanaz Harirchian

  • #82 in Rhinoplasty


8. Dr. Emily Clarke-Pearson

  • #45 in Breast Augmentation
  • #28 in Facelift
  • #10 in Liposuction

9. Dr. Michele Manahan

  • #53 in Breast Augmentation

10. Dr. Theda C. Kontis

  • #76 in Facelift
  • #20 in Rhinoplasty

11. Dr. Beverly A. Fisher

  • #26 in Facelift
  • #25 in Liposuction
  • #13 in Breast Augmentation

12. Dr. Michele Shermak

  • #156 in Breast Augmentation
  • #60 in Rhinoplasty

13. Dr. Kathy Huang

  • #141 in Liposuction

14. Dr. Carrie A. Houssock

  • #194 in Breast Augmentation
  • #133 in Facelift
  • #28 in Liposuction


15. Dr. Catherine S. Chang

  • #90 in Liposuction
  • #73 in Facelift

16. Dr. Jane S. Weston

  • #68 in Facelift

17. Dr. Amy Bandy

  • #145 in Liposuction

18. Dr. Lily Lee

  • #172 in Breast Augmentation

19. Dr. Carolyn Chang

  • #157 in Breast Augmentation

20. Dr. Charlotta La Via

  • #127 in Rhinoplasty
  • #126 in Facelift
  • #56 in Liposuction

New York:

21. Dr. Alexes Hazen

  • #141 in Rhinoplasty

22. Dr. Aviva Preminger

  • #135 in Breast Augmentation
  • #54 in Facelift

23. Dr. Leslie E. Cohen

  • #178 in Breast Augmentation

24. Dr. Mihye Choi

  • #98 in Breast Augmentation

25. Dr. Rachel-Bluebond Langner

  • #102 in Breast Augmentation


26. Dr. Alison M Shore

  • #68 in Breast Augmentation

27. Dr. Iliana E. Sweis

  • #181 in Breast Augmentation
  • #41 in Rhinoplasty
  • #29 in Facelift

28. Dr. Alexandrina S. Saulis

  • #62 in Facelift


29. Dr. Donna G Tepper

  • #114 in Rhinoplasty
  • #78 in Breast Augmentation
  • #63 in Liposuction

30. Dr. Michelle Hardaway

  • #65 in Breast Augmentation

31. Dr. Mariam Awada

  • #111 in Breast Augmentation


32. Dr. Jeanne A. Scanland

  • #122 in Liposuction

33. Dr. Mary Gingrass

  • #81 in Breast Augmentation
  • #75 in Liposuction

34. Dr. Melinda Haws

  • #61 in Facelift
  • #36 in Liposuction
  • #25 in Breast Augmentation


35. Dr. Dana Goldberg

  • #121 in Liposuction
  • #100 in Facelift

36. Dr. Traci Temmen

  • #149 in Breast Augmentation


37. Dr. Amy K. Alderman

  • #192 in Breast Augmentation

38. Dr. Grace Ma

  • #7 in Breast Augmentation


39. Dr. Amy Colwell

  • #90 in Facelift
  • #57 in Breast Augmentation

40. Dr. Terri Silver

  • #76 in Breast Augmentation
  • #58 in Liposuction


41. Dr. Allison E. Lied

  • #165 in Breast Augmentation
  • #112 in Liposuction

42. Dr. Anne Taylor

  • #106 in Facelift
  • #95 in Breast Augmentation


43. Dr. Emily Pollard

  • #94 in Liposuction

44. Dr. Andrea Moreira

  • #133 in Liposuction
  • #60 in Breast Augmentation
  • #44 in Rhinoplasty


45. Dr. Emily A. Williams

  • #107 in Breast Augmentation

46. Dr. Janelle Sousa

  • #136 in Breast Augmentation


47. Dr. Jennifer Boll

  • #196 in Breast Augmentation


48. Dr. Jennifer Harrington

  • #130 in Facelift
  • #83 in Breast Augmentation

North Carolina:

49. Dr. Jennifer C. Carr

  • #92 in Liposuction


50. Dr. Lisa Taylor

  • #135 in Liposuction
  • #129 in Rhinoplasty

The national survey this information is based on was conducted by Newsweek magazine and Statista Inc. Surgical Times is not affiliated with or endorsed by either organization in any way. This critical/commentary news compilation exists to educate patients and honor female doctors at the forefront of plastic surgery today. Contact Surgical Times.


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