This table includes all female plastic surgeons who ranked in any position on Newsweek magazine’s lists of “America’s Best Plastic Surgeons 2023.”

Surgeons were not separately rated by gender; this table merely extracts and highlights all female surgeons from the total lists—Breast Augmentation, Eyelid Surgery, Facelift, Liposuction, Rhinoplasty.

Via, “America’s Best Plastic Surgeons 2023.”

Female Plastic Surgeons Voted Among America’s Best by Peer Survey, 2023

This table is ordered based on the number of separate surgical procedures at which a surgeon was ranked best.

The data is presented as granularly as was published by Newsweek: only surgeons who placed within the top 30 positions for each surgical procedure were ranked by name, while the remainder were assigned a range, such as “31-125.”

#Female Plastic SurgeonBreast Augmentation RankEyelid Surgery RankLiposuction RankFacelift RankRhinoplasty RankLocation
1Marissa Tenenbaum, MD831-1252531-17523St. Louis, MO
2Jennifer L. Walden, MD2131-125182931-165Austin, TX
3Jane S. Weston, MD, FACS31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165Menlo Park, CA
4Sheila Nazarian, MD31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165Los Angeles, CA
5Emily A. Williams, MD31-175.31-16531-17531-165Spokane, WA
6Seung K. Kim, MD.1331-1652231-165Palo Alto, CA
7Ashley Boustany, MD..31-16531-17531-165Boston, MA
8Ashley R. Chandler, MD31-175.31-16531-175.Charlotte, NC
9Emily Clarke-Pearson, MD31-175.1731-175.Baltimore, MD
10Iliana E. Sweis, MD.31-125.31-17531-165Northbrook, IL
11Theda C. Kontis, MD, FACS.31-125.31-17531-165Baltimore, MD
12Amy Colwell, MD31-175...31-165Boston , MA
13Anne Taylor, MD31-17531-125...Worthington, OH
14Camille G. Cash, MD31-17531-125...Houston, TX
15Erika Sato, MD, FACS31-175.31-165..Houston, TX
16Linda Huang, MD31-175..31-175.Denver, CO
17Mihye Choi, MD31-17531-125...New York, NY
18Abigail Rodriguez, MD31-175....Houston, TX
19Allison E. Lied, MD....31-165Cincinnati, OH
20Amy K. Alderman, MD, FACS...31-175.Alpharetta, GA
21Andrea Pozez, MD31-175....Richmond, VA
22Ashley N. Amalfi, MD31-175....Rochester, NY
23Beverly A. Fischer, MD...31-175.Timonium, MD
24Carolyn Chang, MD, FACS...31-175.San Francisco, CA
25Carrie A. Houssock, MD, FACS..31-165..Owings Mills, MD
26Catherine S. Chang, MD...31-175.Beverly Hills, CA
27Charlotta La Via, MD..31-165..Santa Monica, CA
28Claire S. Duggal, MD31-175....Annapolis, MD
29Dana M. Goldberg, MD31-175....Jupiter, FL
30Gabriele C. Miotto, MD.31-125...Atlanta, GA
31Grace Ma, MD, FACS...31-175.Atlanta, GA
32Jennifer Weintraub, MD..31-165..Palo Alto, CA
33Jessica Lattman, MD.31-125...New York, NY
34Jill Hessler, MD...31-175.Palo Alto, CA
35Jillian Morrison, MD....31-165Palm Coast, FL
36Judith Gurley, MD, FACS..31-165..Chesterfield, MO
37Kamakshi R. Zeidler, MD, FACS.18...Campbell, CA
38Karen M. Horton, MD..31-165..San Francisco, CA
39Kristen P. Broderick, MD31-175....Baltimore, MD
40Lauren Greenberg, MD31-175....Menlo Park, CA
41Lisa R. David, MD, MBA..31-165..Winston-Salem, NC
42Maghan Nadeau, MD..31-165..Seattle, WA
43Mariam Awada, MD, FACS31-175....Southfield, MI
44Mary Gingrass, MD...31-175.Nashville, TN
45Melanie Malone, MD, FACS...31-175.San Diego, CA
46Melinda Haws, MD31-175....Nashville, TN
47Melissa Doft, MD31-175....New York, NY
48Nina S. Naidu, MD, FACS26....New York, NY
#Female Plastic SurgeonBreast Augmentation RankEyelid Surgery RankLiposuction RankFacelift RankRhinoplasty RankLocation

Table includes all 48 female plastic surgeons who placed in Newsweek magazine’s 2023 “Best Plastic Surgeons” survey and rankings.

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