Clare Crawley Celebrates 6-Month Explantiversary

by Surgical Times

Clare Crawley took to Instagram today, Monday, January 31, in celebration of her six-month explant anniversary.

In a deeply moving and very personal 1:06 Instagram “Reel,” set to the tune of Fight Song by Rachel Platten, Crawley chronicles her path from having breast implants, to having them removed, and recovering fully from the explant surgery.

The Reel is otherwise devoid of an audio track, but the footage and pictures speak volumes: The rashes, the itchy and irritated skin, the dark circles around her eyes. The symptoms. The surgery. The IV drips, the grimacing, the tears, the bandages. The trampoline jumps. The healing. The smiles.

She says the surgery changed her life.

“[I] know with every ounce that it will always be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life! ❤️”

Clare Crawley on her explant surgery • January 31, 2022

“Not only has it given me my physical health back, but it has transformed my mental health in so many ways.”

“I feel like a new woman,” she says, adding grateful thanks to those who have stood by her side when she was at her “lowest,” and have seen her “through to my happiest days now.”

“Have champions in your corner,” she says, thanking those who were there for her.

For Clare, those champions included Dr. David Rankin and his explant liaison, Dee Hicks, as well as family and friends.

In March 2021, the Bachelorette star shared with followers that she was giving Halotherapy a try as part of a “forever quest to try anything and everything to help my itchy irritated skin….” In response to that share, several followers suggested she look into BII.

On July 3, 2021, she announced her decision to explant, a surgery she underwent with specialist Dr. David Rankin exactly six months ago on July 31.

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