$8.7B USD Spent on Plastic Surgery in First 6 Months of 2021

by Surgical Times

Americans shelled out more than $8.7 billion for aesthetic plastic surgery in the first six months of 2021. Information released by the Aesthetic Society suggests that such expenditure sets 2021 up to mark a record year of revenue.

Every day in America, roughly $47.5 million is spent on plastic surgery.

During this time, from January to July 2021, the five most popular procedures were neurotoxin injections, dermal fillers, hair removal, skin treatments, and skin tightening, with neurotoxin injections making up 54 percent of the top five procedures.

Breast augmentation, tummy tuck surgery, breast lifts, breast reductions, and liposuction were the five most popular aesthetic surgical procedures during this time.

By way of comparison, throughout all 12 months of 2020, Americans spent just over $9 billion on the same services: $6 billion on aesthetic surgeries and $3 billion on nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements.

Five board-certified plastic surgeons who are members of the Aesthetic Society also offered predictions for 2022. They foresee a rise in dermal micro-coring and surgical labiaplasties, a continued rise in breast augmentation surgeries, facelifts for patients in their 40s and 50s, and an increase in “stacking” procedures, since plastic surgeons are booked and patients will want to get more procedures done while they can.

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