Miami Model With Nipple Necrosis After Five-Surgery-Day is Selling Her Story, Experience

by Surgical Times

A popular social media personality with 1.4M Instagram followers has released a $40.00 ebook detailing how she “got botched” by “gynecologists…operating like plastic surgeons” in Miami, Florida.

Alejandra Mercedes’s 40-page ebook, “Results After the Cut” is available via a website of the same name, and includes her “real-life surgery experiences, attached with multiple COPYRIGHTED personal pictures throughout my journey.”

The “PICTURES ARE RAW AND UNCENSORED,” she stresses, elsewhere clarifying that Results of the Cut is intended to help women prevent getting botched by sharing her experience with cosmetic surgery at the hands on gynecologists.

Mercedes released Results After the Cut on Instagram in early February.

According to her post, the ebook “also includes information of multiple doctors and my experiences with them. Pictures of doctors who are just GYN [gynecologists] and operating patients like they are plastic surgeons.”

The Sun reported Friday that Mercedes had undergone five plastic surgery procedures in one day before “her nipples turned black and the tissue died.” Mercedes has since fully recovered but was left with “about 2 centimeters” of her areola.

The 25-year-old social media personality paid $20,000 for the five-procedure operation, which included a breast lift and breast implant exchange, liposuction on her back, and an unspecified skin tightening procedure.

Aside from wanting a tattoo to improve scarring, she doesn’t foresee future cosmetic surgeries.

“My takeaway from this experience is that it is much better to only have one surgery at a time,” Mercedes told The Sun.

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