Ranked: The Best Plastic Surgery Podcasts

by Surgical Times

San Francisco-based ListenNotes, the “Google of podcasts,” has indexed no less than 2.6-million unique podcasts with 112-million separate episodes.

Using their own and third-party datasets, ListenNotes ranks these shows, giving the most popular of them a “Listen Score”—a number between 0 and 100 that reflects their popularity relative to “2,625,709 podcasts globally.”

The higher the score, the more popular the podcast.

The Best Plastic Surgery Podcasts

ListenNotes makes no specific distinction or pre-compiled list of “plastic surgery podcasts,” but that list can be fairly readily compiled through the site’s search features.

Top 5 Plastic Surgery Podcasts

1. The Holistic Plastic Surgery Show

  • Score: 55
  • Host: Dr. Anthony Youn
  • Episodes: 271
  • Established: January 2017

2. Plastic Surgery Uncensored

  • Score: 40
  • Host: Dr. Rady Rahban
  • Episodes: 96
  • Established: May 2019

3. Ladies of Bustmob

  • Score: 39
  • Hosts: Jenny Eden & Gretta Nance
  • Episodes: 52
  • Established: February 2020

4. The Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Podcast

  • Score: 38
  • Hosts: Dr. Jay Calvert & Dr. Millicent Rovelo
  • Episodes: 100
  • Established: September 2019

5. Beauty and the Surgeon

  • Score: 37
  • Hosts: Dr. Jason Martin & Amy
  • Episodes: 105
  • Established: December 2017

Top 25 Plastic Surgery Podcasts

Plastic Surgery PodcastScoreShowsStarted
1Holistic Plastic Surgery Show55271Jan-17
2Plastic Surgery Uncensored4096May-19
3Ladies of Bustmob3952Feb-20
4Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery38100Sep-19
5Beauty and the Surgeon37105Dec-17
6Aesthetic Podcast3644Oct-18
7Plastic Surgery Untold3551Dec-19
Plastic Surgery: Before & After3560Jun-20
PRS Journal Club3593Jan-16
8Quick Cuts3424Dec-20
For Your Best Self3421Mar-20
9Technology of Beauty3336Apr-20
10Beauty Bytes with Dr. Kay31359Feb-18
PRS Global Open Keynotes3162Jan-19
11Beauty and the Biz30113Jul-19
12Beauty Balance299Jun-19
Big Butts No Lies2910May-21
Enhance Your Practice2955Jan-20
13What’s Your Wrinkle28345Dec-05
Natural Plastic Surgeon2833Jun-19
Plastic Surgeon Podcast2841Jun-20
14Plastic Surgery Decoded2735Aug-20
Plastic Fantastic2737Feb-21
15Plastic Surgery Journal Club26136Feb-16
16Plastic Surgery Revolution25158Dec-19
17Plastic Surgery Revision24106Jun-19
18Doctority: Plastic Surgery2359Jun-20

ListenNotes updates podcast Listen Scores monthly. This information is current as of August 24, 2021.

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