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Surgical Times welcomes opinion article submissions on all aspects of the practice of plastic surgery.

We consider only fully complete articles for publication and may not publish articles received for a variety of reasons.

Op-eds allow our readers to hear from a wide range of experts, patients and providers, many of whom hold greatly differing opinions.

Submissions must be exclusive to Surgical Times and may not have been previously published or posted elsewhere. They may be of any length.

We do our best to rapidly review all submissions and will contact you within one week of receiving your article if we intend to publish it.

Submissions must include:

  • The author’s name
  • The author’s email address
  • The author’s phone number
  • The article
  • Expertise may be noted within the article or separately

Op-ed submissions should be sent by email to info[at]

Surgical Times provides objective public interest reporting on the practice of plastic surgery and is not affiliated with or funded by any surgeon or practice.