Dr. Grant Stevens Hosts Who’s Who of Aesthetics on Technology of Beauty Podcast

by Surgical Times

“Hello everybody and welcome back to the Technology of Beauty, where I have the chance to interview the movers and shakers of the aesthetics business—the beauty industry. And today is no exception because today I get to interview….” (Classic introduction to the Technology of Beauty, by Dr. Grant Stevens)

The Technology of Beauty was conceived, created, and launched in 2020 by world-renowned plastic surgeon and aesthetics industry entrepreneur, Dr. Grant Stevens.

Available in visual and audio formats, the show is a source of late-breaking high-level news in aesthetic products, practice management, and technology, with Dr. Stevens giving listeners a look into his world, through exclusive interviews with the “doctors, founders, inventors, and scientists” who are “shaping the future of aesthetics.”

It sounds like grandiose hyperbole until you see episodes with billion-dollar company CEOs—like AbbVie CEO Richard Gonzalez in the podcast’s premiere—and some of the industry’s biggest names seated across from Dr. Stevens for lighthearted banter, product reveals, and a peek into what’s up-and-coming in the world of plastic surgery.

Despite its late formation, host Grant Stevens has managed to attract and interview some of the industry’s most powerful and influential people on The Technology of Beauty.


Dr. Grant Stevens is a world-renowned board-certified plastic surgeon, a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (FACS), and the founder and director of Marina Plastic Surgery.

In June 2021, he was voted one of America’s best plastic surgeons by peers nationwide.

Dr. Stevens has performed more than 20,000 plastic surgery procedures, authored 60-plus peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on plastic surgery technique, and lectured internationally.

His professional opinion has been elicited by global media outlets People magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Glamour, Vogue, Allure, and others, and he has appeared on more than 125 TV programs.


The Technology of Beauty is produced by Pasadena-based medical marketing company, Influx Marketing. CEO Adam Daniells and Chief Strategy Officer Max Baybak appeared on the show’s eighteenth episode, “Should You Adjust Your Aesthetic Patient Acquisition Strategy for 2021?” with Dr. Stevens introducing Influx as the team “responsible for my websites, my internet marketing, my social media, and producing this show.”


In late April of 2020, Dr. Stevens shared a trailer introducing the podcast that would launch four months later: “Hi there. I’m Dr. Grant Stevens and I am the founder and director of Marina Plastic Surgery in lovely Marina Del Ray, Calfornia, and I’m so excited to share with you the latest news. I’m starting my own podcast. I’m going to be hosting a podcast called ‘Technology of Beauty.’

“And we’re going to be exploring all different new technologies that help us look and feel our very best; both men and women. I’ll be bringing in people from industry, I’ll be bringing in other physicians, inventors—people who have invented new technologies that help us look and feel our very best.”


For its premiere episode on August 4, 2020. Dr. Steven’s guest was Richard Gonzalez, CEO of AbbVie, an international biopharmaceutical company with 47,000 employees in 70 countries and net revenue of $45.8 billion USD (2020).

Notable Guests

Despite the late formation of his podcast, host Grant Stevens has managed to attract and interview some of the industry’s most powerful and influential people.

His guests have included the CEOs of AbbVie, Galderma, HydraFacial, Sciton, RealSelf, and Alastin Skincare, as well as the Executive Director of the ASAPS, the VP of Endo Aesthetics, and award-winning published author and female pioneer of plastic surgery journalism, Joan Kron.

The Giants of Aesthetics Series

Technology of Beauty’s “Giants of Aesthetics” series debuted in April 2021. The series’s first guest was Dr. Foad Nahai, sitting editor of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, and past president of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the International Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


The Technology of Beauty speaks to practicing plastic surgeons and providers within the industry, but potential patients will find valuable insights and education in many of its episodes.

Industry professionals will find insights into such things as transitioning into business after post-graduate training, building a support network for their private practice, and understanding, educating, and upselling patients.

Short takes on topics like CoolSculpting and Cellulite also cater to patients interested in the technology behind their procedures of choice.


The Technology of Beauty Episodes 31-33 [2021]

EpisodeDateEpisode Title
3310 Aug 2021Subscription-Based Aesthetic Technology | The Venus Concept Model
3227 JulPatient Financing as a Patient Acquisition Tool | Todd Watts & Scott Jorgensen of PatientFi
3113 JulElevating the Aesthetic Skincare Category w/ John Connors of Jan Marini Skin Research

The Technology of Beauty Episodes 21-30 [2021]

EpisodeDateEpisode Title
3030 JuneDr. Robert Singer | The Giants of Aesthetics Series No. 3
2915 JuneBuilding a Training & Growth Platform for Aesthetic Medicine Practices | Terri Ross
281 JuneDr. Renato Saltz | The Giants of Aesthetics Series No. 2
2718 MayTaking HydraFacial Public
264 MayBuilding a Direct-to-Millennial Aesthetic Brand
2520 AprilDr. Foad Nahai | The Giants of Aesthetics Series No. 1
246 AprilThe Future of Skincare Is Personalized
2323 MarDeveloping a Novel Treatment for Submental Skin Laxity
229 MarJoan Kron, The Beauty Editor Who Made Plastic Surgery Mainstream (Season 2 Premiere)
219 FebThe Generational Behavior Shifts Transforming the Aesthetics Industry

The Technology of Beauty Episodes 11-20 [2020-2021]

EpisodeDateEpisode Title
202 FebBuilding a Skincare Brand for the New Reality
1926 JanMeet Galderma’s New CEO — Dr. Flemming Ørnskov
1819 JanShould You Adjust Your Aesthetic Patient Acquisition Strategy for 2021?
1712 JanDennis Condon on How Regenerative Medicine Could Revolutionize the Field of Aesthetics
165 JanTransitioning to the Business Side of Medicine after 9 Years of Post-Grad Training
1530 DecThe Post-Shutdown Warehousing Effect in Aesthetics. Is it over?
1422 DecUnderstanding the Mindset of the Modern Aesthetic Consumer | Megan Driscoll of EvolveMKD
1315 DecIs Your Med Spa Compliant? What to Do When the Law Isn’t Keeping up with Technological Advancements
128 DecAlastin CEO on Raising the Bar & Building the Nation’s Fastest-Growing Skincare Company
111 Dec90% of Women Have Cellulite — This New FDA-Approved Treatment Could Completely Change That

The Technology of Beauty Episodes 1-10 [2020]

EpisodeDateEpisode Title
1024 NovThe Secret to Effortless Upselling & Cross-Selling of Aesthetic Patients
917 NovDelivering Drugs Through The Skin Without Injecting | This Tech Could Change The Field of Medicine
811 NovReinventing Patient Education With a Simple but Powerful Technology Breakthrough
727 OctBuilding a Support Network as a Plastic Surgeon in Solo Practice | Aesthetic Society Exec Director
613 OctSciton CEO on Laser Skincare’s V-Shaped Recovery Following the Pandemic
529 SepRealSelf CEO Announces Breaking News
415 SepBecoming the Starbucks of Aesthetics Medicine with Clint Carnell, CEO OrangeTwist & HydraFacial
301 SepI had 16 Pounds of Skin Surgically Removed After Losing 125 Pounds Dieting – The Instant Loss Story
218 AugBotox Injecting Robots and the Future of Aesthetics With Dr. Grants Stevens and Philippe Schaison
14 AugDr. Grant Stevens and AbbVie CEO Discuss $63 BILLION Allergan Acquisition

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