30 Months Removed, Woman’s Breast Implants Are Full of Mold

by Surgical Times

Social media star and podcast host Bunnie Xo (Bunnie DeFord) took to TikTok Monday, May 9th, to share that the saline breast implants she had surgically removed in late 2019 have since spawned visible mold growth.

DeFord chronicled her explant surgery and recovery in three videos posted to YouTube in October and November of 2019.

Her implants have been “just sitting there” since.

“This is my first time opening the bag…,” she says in After Explant—Healing, on November 19, 2019. “This is my first time touching my breast implants.

“There’s no mold inside of them or anything like that, like I thought there was going to be,” she said in late 2019.

(In this screen capture from a Nov. 19, 2019 video, Bunnie shows her recently-removed breast implants. “There’s no mold inside of them or anything like that, like I thought there was going to be,” she says.)

Thirty months later, both breast implants have developed visible mold growth.

Her viral video depicting this has been viewed 3.8 million times and received 4,900 comments.

“So I want to show you guys something,” Bunnie says, as she removes the first of two 1lb breast implants from a large Ziploc bag.

“Look at that. That goes inside of a human body,” she says.

The opaque saline-filled implants are, in parts, hues of amber, orange, and brown.

“Look at the mold. No wonder why women are having so many complications with these things. It’s disgusting.”

“Let’s look at the other one. Let’s see how bad this one is. Look at that. That’s inside the implant.”

Floating particles stir within the second discolored implant.

“I’m so thankful I had my breasts explanted,” she says.

@xomgitsbunnie 🫣🫣🫣 #SearchForWonderMom #bunniexo #explant ♬ original sound – Bunnie Xo

“I explanted in Nov 2020 [2019] & it was the best decision I ever made!”

Bunnie Xo, Viral TikTok, May 9, 2022

“Dueting” DeFord’s viral video, Dr. Richard J Brown says he’s removed many saline and silicone breast implants for patients suffering from breast implant illness, but has “never seen this happen” in any of them.

The “RealTikTokDoc” says on video that some of the colored substance that now appears within the breast implants looks almost like a Betadine sterilizing solution, and that it appears something has gotten stuck in the valves of DeFord’s saline implants.

Brown also notes that a breast implant’s outer shell is semipermeable.

“Those valves can become defective,” he says. “Technically speaking, anything that’s inside that breast pocket can get inside of the implant. If she had a bacterial infection, or there was bacteria in there, anything can get in there and cause issues like this.

“That wouldn’t happen with silicone, however,” the board-certified plastic surgeon says.


Upon having her breast implants removed, Bunnie also discussed the apparently faulty valve.

“You can see the valve on here is not safe,” DeFord says in a Nov. 2019 video.

“Like that could just pop open. Bacteria could get in at any time.”

Bunnie advises women with breast implants who are suffering from symptoms to “check out BII, and this is what the inside of your implants probably look like.”

In captions throughout the video, she shares that she had her implants for 13 years and “started suffering so many symptoms that not one doctor could pinpoint.”

The popular podcast host says that after explanting, all of her symptoms went away, barring anxiety, which she still sometimes experiences.

Explanting, she says, “was the best decision I ever made.”

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