This table includes all plastic surgeons who were ranked by peers as being among “America’s Best Plastic Surgeons 2023” in all 5 of the 5 surgical procedures for which ratings were collected and published by Newsweek magazine:

This table is ordered by combined total ranking among the surveyed surgical procedures, placing the very highest-rated surgeons at the top, though all surgeons on this list were rated as among America’s best.

Plastic Surgeons Voted Best Across the Boards, in All 5 Surgical Subspecialties

#Plastic SurgeonBreast Augmentation RankEyelid Surgery RankLiposuction RankFacelift RankRhinoplasty RankGenderLocation
1Rod J. Rohrich, MD31111MaleDallas, TX
2Alan Matarasso, MD, FACS116276MaleNew York, NY
3David Hidalgo, MD, FACS21771529MaleNew York, NY
4Garth Fisher, MD51292031-165MaleBeverly Hills, CA
5James Zins, MD31-175524912MaleBeachwood, OH
6Daniel C. Baker, MD31-175931-165614MaleNew York, NY
7Adam R. Kolker, MD, FACS626831-17531-165MaleNew York, NY
8Louis P. Bucky, MD, FACS1022271331-165MalePhiladelphia, PA
9Bill G. Kortesis, MD, FACS1331-1251031-17522MaleCharlotte, NC
10Foad Nahai, MD, FACS31-175731-165831-165MaleAtlanta, Hiram, GA
11Steven R. Cohen, MD, FACS1427291130MaleSan Diego, CA
12Henry A. Mentz, MD, FACS31-17531-12531-1651210MaleHouston, TX
13Richard A. Bartlett, MD31-17531-125152713MaleBrookline, MA
14Marissa Tenenbaum, MD831-1252531-17523FemaleSt. Louis, MO
15Adam Schaffner, MD, FACS31-17531-12562331-165MaleNew York, NY
16Jay W. Calvert, MD, FACS31-17531-12531-16531-1753MaleBeverly Hills, CA
17Sanjay Grover, MD, FACS931-1252631-17531-165MaleNewport Beach, CA
18Jennifer L. Walden, MD2131-125182931-165FemaleAustin, TX
19A. George Volpe, MD, FACS31-1751031-16531-17531-165MaleBoston, MA
20Brian V. Heil, MD, FACS1731-12531-16531-17527MalePittsburgh, PA
21Paul Stephen Cederna, MD31-1751431-16531-17531-165MaleAnn Arbor, MI
22Jason Roostaeian, MD31-17531-12531-16531-17516MaleLos Angeles, CA
23Julius W. Few, MD31-17531-12531-1651731-165MaleChicago, IL
24Terence M. Myckatyn, MD31-17531-1252131-17531-165MaleSt. Louis, MO
25Sumner A. Slavin, MD2231-12531-16531-17531-165MaleChestnut Hill, MA
26Steven M. Levine, MD31-17531-12531-1652431-165MaleNew York, NY
27Ankit Desai, MD, FACS31-17531-12531-1652831-165MaleJacksonville, FL
28Anthony Berlet, MD31-1752831-16531-17531-165MaleCedar Grove, NJ
29Peter G. Cordeiro, MD, FACS31-17531-12531-16531-17528MaleMiddletown, NY
30Aaron Stone, MD31-175303031-17531-165MaleBeverly Hills, CA
31Andrew P. Giacobbe, MD, FACS31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165MaleWilliamsville, NY
32Andrew Trussler, MD31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165MaleAustin, TX
33David Stoker, MD31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165MaleMarina del Ray, CA
34Enrique J. Armenta, MD31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165MaleSyracuse, NY
35Jane S. Weston, MD, FACS31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165FemaleMenlo Park, CA
36M. Mark Mofid, MD, FACS31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165MaleLa Jolla, CA
37Remus Repta, MD31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165MaleScottsdale, AZ
38Scott A. Spiro, MD, FACS31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165MaleWest Orange, NJ
39Sheila Nazarian, MD31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165FemaleLos Angeles, CA
40Stephen Bresnick, MD31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165MaleEncino, CA
41Todd B. Koch, MD31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165MaleWilliamsville , NY
Newsweek magazine’s survey results did not include surgeons’ genders; the Times includes the information above to aid patients in choosing a surgeon.

Female Plastic Surgeons Voted Best Across the Boards, in All 5 Surgical Subspecialties

#Plastic SurgeonBreast Augmentation RankEyelid Surgery RankLiposuction RankFacelift RankRhinoplasty RankGenderLocation
1Marissa Tenenbaum, MD831-1252531-17523FemaleSt. Louis, MO
2Jennifer L. Walden, MD2131-125182931-165FemaleAustin, TX
3Jane S. Weston, MD, FACS31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165FemaleMenlo Park, CA
4Sheila Nazarian, MD31-17531-12531-16531-17531-165FemaleLos Angeles, CA
Female plastic surgeons are also included in the table above, this subtable simply further highlights their achievement.

For more on women leading in aesthetic surgery, see “America’s Best Female Plastic Surgeons (2021)” and “35 Women Voted ‘America’s Best Plastic Surgeons’ [2022].”

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