How (Some) Celebrity Plastic Surgery Stays Secret

by Surgical Times

Board-certified plastic surgeon Ashkan Ghavami, M.D. tells Page Six’s Tashara Jones that most of his celebrity cosmetic surgery patients keep their plastic surgery “under wraps,” and “top secret.”

His celebrity patients have included Kim Kardashian, Iggy Azalea, and Jordyn Woods, according to Page Six, for whom Ghavami laid out how it’s all kept hush, in an article coincidentally published hours before Doja Cat went Live on Instagram in response to plastic surgery speculations

Ghavami operates out of a towering glass building on Camden Drive in Beverly Hills, California. When it comes to his celebrity patients concealing their cosmetic surgery, all of these are options, according to Ghavami:

  1. Confidentiality/Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) for office staff.
  2. Private entrances for celebrities coming for consultations/treatments.
  3. Back entrances “for both the clinic and the surgery center.”
  4. Timing, and “staging.”
  5. House calls (though surgery has to be done in a surgical suite/hospital).
  6. Offices located well-above sidewalk and/or street view.
  7. Cloth face masks.
  8. Sunglasses.
  9. Hoodies.
  10. Wigs.

Concealing or disclosing cosmetic work done is a celebrity’s prerogative–though as public figures they’re naturally subject to greater scrutiny.

Problems arise when “influential figures intentionally deceive young, impressionable fans,” because it can “perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards,” since those perfect looks may actually be photoshop, and that “all-natural result,” proclaimed to be the product of a diet, exercise program, supplement, oil, or lifestyle choice may actually be plastic surgery.

Absent plastic surgery, replicating the result is impossible, no matter how hard a fan or follower tries.

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