Doja Cat Takes Up Plastic Surgery Speculations

by Surgical Times

In an Instagram Live late Friday evening, Doja Cat, 26, vehemently addressed a video that claimed she may have had up to eight plastic surgery procedures over time, at an estimated cost of $342,000.

Plastic surgery blogger Lorry Hill opined on video that the rapper has had multiple cosmetic surgeries, but Doja says she’s only ever had veneers, which she shared publicly.

Hill makes the series this video was a part of because celebrities are “infamously secretive” about work they’ve had done, which could lead young people to try naturally achieving something only possible through surgery. 

That theory is sound, if the celebrities that one says have had surgery have actually had the alleged surgeries.

Doja’s statements indicate the reverse is also true.

“Two-hundred-thousand f*cking views on this video by Lorry Hill and it’s called ‘Doja Cat Looks Different Than Before: Here’s Why.’ 

“That’s 200,000 people who may be my fans looking at that sh*t going, ‘Oh, she’s fake, so I need to get my sh*t done [get plastic surgery],” says Doja.

“[And going,] ‘So if I want to look like that, I can’t.’ ‘I can’t look like that.’ Or ‘I can’t be the best version of myself’, ‘I can’t lose weight.’ ‘I can’t do this. I can’t change myself. I can’t make myself look better, in a natural, healthy way,’ not to say surgery isn’t a good thing.”

(In a 38-min. Instagram Live late Friday evening, February 25, Doja Cat addressed this video by Lorry Hill regarding plastic surgery speculations. Hill removed the video later that evening.)

Mad Because There Are Lies

Doja cursed out and disparaged Hill throughout the 38-minute Live and said that her brand and videos were trash, before eventually easing off. (“The fact that I had to find this video while I’m drunk really upsets me,” says Doja.)

“I’m pissed off and a lot of people would say ‘You’re mad because it’s the truth.’ ‘You’re mad because she clocked you on something,’” Doja says shortly after beginning her Live. “But f*ck that. I’m mad because there’s lies about me.”

“If you want to talk to me, talk to me. Ask if I got something done. Have the gumption.”

Doja Cat • Instagram Live, February 25, 2022

“I shouldn’t be saying b*tch this and b*tch that, and f*ck you and you stink. I shouldn’t,” she later added. “It’s very hard to not say things like that when you’re angry,” she says. “So excuse me. But I really don’t like it…. Because [the video] is so confident. It’s not a mistake; she didn’t make a mistake, she’s confident. She’s really going head-first—she’s really going plastic first into this entire f*cking debacle.”

Doja wasn’t just lashing out, she was also dejected and disheartened, briefly nearing tears. 

“I’m 26, I’m not 19 anymore,” she says, with reference to the dates of photographs placed side by side in Hill’s video for purposes of comparison.

“[My body is] changing. And I accept it and I love it. As time goes on, I love it. Cause I’m learning how to take care of myself. I didn’t know how to take care of myself.

“But then when somebody comes and just tears that down, and just…completely discredits everything that you learned in the last seven or eight years of your f*cking life, completely shuts it down, tears it down, a complete stranger like that—and a stranger who has power, really; who has a force—It can really f*ck with you. It can make you really upset,” she says.

Special Video, Huge Fan

The video, published a week earlier by plastic surgery vlogger Lorry Hill, was a “special one” for her as a creator.

“Today we’re going to talk about the beautiful and talented Doja Cat,” Hill says.

“This video is a special one for me because, of all the singers that we’ve talked about on this channel, Doja Cat is my absolute favorite. I am a huge fan of hers.”

For the unique project, Hill worked with a co-researcher and the two eventually determined Doja’s “possible plastic surgery procedures” included seven invasive surgeries and a popular med spa procedure, all of which we’ve opted not to list.

The Most Subtle Plastic Surgery Ever Seen

(In the now-removed video, Hill says she is a huge fan of Doja Cat, and that she had originally planned for her to be in a Dec. 2021 video she produced that featured “celebrities who haven’t had plastic surgery.”)

Hill says that Doja was “supposed to be” in a video she premiered December 23rd covering “Celebrities Who Haven’t Had Plastic Surgery.” 

“In fact, I even had the thumbnail for that video prepared, with [Doja Cat] front and center.”

But sometime between about December and late February, Hill’s position on the rapper changed from one of she ‘hasn’t had plastic surgery,’ to one of she’s had eight ‘possible plastic surgery procedures.’

“Doja was one of the hardest analyses we’ve ever done,” Hill says in the video, “because her plastic surgery was some of the best and most subtle plastic surgery that we’ve ever seen.”

Hill: “Beauty is attainable; remove the stigma of Plastic Surgery”

“Celebrities are infamously secretive about what they’ve had done,” says Hill in the June 2020 welcome video on her channel. “Because of this, we have many young people in our country who are trying to achieve naturally what celebrities have obtained surgically.”

Hill made her first video discussing celebrity plastic surgery in August of 2019, before beginning a celebrity-focused series in January of 2020. Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Tom Brady are among the celebrities she has videos on.

Nearly 375,000 people subscribe to her channel and her videos have been viewed almost 54-million times.

In May of 2021, she was featured in The New York Times.

The top comments on YouTube reposts of the Doja Live speak to the fact Hill has “always been respectful,” is “not shaming anyone,” and “compliments both the natural beauty and (possibly) surgically enhanced beauty of celebrities.”

“If anything,” one “top [most liked] comment” emphasizes, “Lorry has made millions of young, impressionable girls feel confident by explaining to them that 99% of female celebrities get work done.”

Reviewing Hundreds of Photos

Since Hill’s videos dive so deeply into the personal lives and physiques of public figures and garner many views, accuracy is paramount but often made extremely difficult.

In an early celebrity surgery video, Hill explains that she scours the internet for photos, then overlays them to understand what changes may have been made.

That process is flawed, and the results of it “really hurt,” says Doja.

These ‘Maybes’ Break My Heart

In the latter portion of her Live, Doja offers an analogy to convey why the widely-viewed speculations were so painful.

She likens them to her putting out a new song, to which fans then get the lyrics wrong.

“That’s different, but it’s [also] the same,” she says. “It’s like these are the wrong lyrics, this is not what I said, that’s not what I would do, that’s not me artistically.

“When I sit there and I spend my time working on myself, working on my craft, working on this song, on this project, and I put all those hours into it and someone gets the lyrics wrong, it breaks my heart. Because I want people to experience everything that I put out in the full.

“So when someone is just sitting there looking at pictures, ‘Here, let’s compare the… oh maybe, oh maybe, maybe thi…, oh maybe, oh maybe’, those ‘maybes’ really f*cking hurt, those ‘maybes’ really f*ck with me because I’ve been working on myself in order to look like this,” Doja says.

Removing the Video

Hill learned of Doja’s disdain for her video while her Live was ongoing. She removed it then, which Doja thanked her for.

“[Doja Cat] expressed that she felt hurt by the video and since it is never my intention to hurt anyone I have taken the video down without hesitation.”

Lorry Hill • YouTube, February 25, 2022
(In these screen shots taken early Saturday morning (6:43 am PST), Hill informs her followers of what occurred.)

On YouTube, Hill posted, “It was brought to my attention that Doja Cat has seen my video where I shared my opinion on possible procedures she may have had. She expressed that she felt hurt by the video and since it is never my intention to hurt anyone I have taken the video down without hesitation.”

I’ll Let You Know When I Get Work Done

Doja wants fans to know that she hasn’t had plastic surgery.

But she did walk into a surgeon’s office for the first time one week ago. (She may want her breasts stapled to her chin or the clouds–she’ll let you know.)

“No, I didn’t do any of this [plastic surgery]. That’s all just spinach, and brussel sprouts, and chicken, and sashimi and shit. That’s all that my body is right now,” she says.

Beyond sharing her diet, Doja also spent considerable time on her Live detailing numerous positive changes she has made to her lifestyle, to how much money she was making, and to the team she has helping her–changes that span years and fill the gaps between what Hill suggests indicates no surgery to yes surgery.

“I’ll let you know when I get some sh*t done,” Doja says. “I let everyone know when I got veneers done. My fans know who I am. They know that I’ll tell them what is real.

“Y’all will be the first ones to know,” she says.

Surgical Times reached out to Doja Cat and Lorry Hill for comment. Hill declined to comment.

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